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Information for south China tigers breeding research center park

Panthera tigris amoyensis south China tiger chinese tigers. The South China tiger or South Chinese tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis), also known as the Chinese, Amoy, or Xiamen tiger, is a subspecies of tiger native, (Panthera tigris amoyensis), a subspecies native to south China and one of the Most endangered of the tiger subspecies. The last south China tiger was seen in Shaanxi Province in 1964. And last footprint was seen in 2000 in Yihuang, Jiangxi province.  And latest reported that maybe one south China tiger was photographed by Chinese tourists in Sanqingshan Nature Reserve, Jiangxi province on 15Oct 2010. And the picture looks like a tiger..
In this tour, we will  visit 2 largest Breeding and Research Base (Center) of South China Chinese Tiger, then to track wild Chinese Tiger in Yihuang, as well as visit Guilin Tiger Park.
This trip could be tailored to meed your duration (days) and you can tell us your request (visiting sites, and days to stay).

Tour Code: WLPH-730

Day01, Arrive Shanghai, pick you up and transfer to Suzhou for night.(D)
Day02, Full day visiting Suzhou south China tigers breeding and research center, overnight in Suzhou.(B/L/D)
Day03, Full day visiting in Suzhou city, overnight in Suzhou.(B/L/D)
Day04, Drive to Shanghai A'port for flight of Shanghai -  Xiamen, pick you up at Xiamen A'port and drive about 2 hours to Longyan city, overnight in 3* Jinye Grand hotel.(B/D)
Day05 - Day 06, Day excursion to photograph China tigers in South Chinese Tiger Park (Breeding and Research Center) in Meihuashan Nature reserve (which located at Mafang village, Buyun town, about 80KM single way from Longyan city to the south Chinese tiger park), as well as you can photograph sika (spotted) deers, macaque etc. And you can buy the living prey for the tigers swooping on, and wathc the hunted animals being killed by tigers. Usually the tigers are trained to swoop and kill the prey living animals such as goats, sheep, monkey, cattle etc. overnight in Longyan city.(B/L/D)
Day07, Drop you off at Xiamen A'port for flight to Guilin, pick you up and overnight in Guilin 3* Xingui hotel.(B/D)
Day08, Day excursion to visit Guilin Tiger Park (Xionghu Shanzhuang, Bears & Tibers breeding and research park, the largest tigers center with a population of more than 1700, and new baby 250 tigers  every year, private owner, but shortage of money), overnight in Guilin.(B/L/D).
Day09, Day excursion to Lijiang River by cruise, as well as visit Yangshuo town, overnight in Guilin.(B/L/D)
Day10, Sightseeing in Guilin city, then drop you off at Guilin A'port for flight back to Shanghai, service ends.(B)

Or plus
Day10, Sightseeing in Guilin city, then drop you off at Guilin A'port for flight to Nanchang, pick you up and transfer to Yihuang city for night in 3* Int'l hotel.(B/D)
Day11, Drive to Yihuang China Tiger Nature reserve (Shennong village) to trace tracking the south Chinese tigers in mountains, overnight in local hostel or local house.(B/LlD)
Day12-Day18, Traking the tiger footprint etc in mountains under the local assistant service, overnight in local house.(B/l/D)
Day19, Drive back Nanchang A'port for flight to Shanghai, service ends.(B)

Quotation (In USD, per person, 10days, basis of 2persons share one standard room):
24660CNY/p.p. for 10days tour.
45300CNY/p.p. for 19days trip (with tracking tracing wild south Chinese tigers in Yichang Nature reserve)
Minimum: 2 persons.
Included: localy style meals marked, transfer and transportation, entrance fee for sightseeing, accommodation in marked hotel or hostel (2 persons share one standard room), English speaking guide service,    economic cabin airticket of Shanghai - Xiamen - Guilin - Shanghai (and with Guilin - Nachang -Shanghai if 19days trip) with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, local assistant service in Yihuang while trace wild south Chinese tigers, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, other service in Shanghai on final day, any other service not included above.

All above subject to our confirmation.


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