Trace wild Yuunan Black Snub-nosed Monkeys in Rhinopithecus Bieti Park for Wildlife Photographing

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In the remote forests of southwestern China lives the rare and observe view Yunnan  snub-nosed, black snub-nosed monkey, Rhinopithecus biteti. (In Chinese called Dian Jinsihou, means Yunnan Golden Monkdy) Yunnan Golden (black snub-nosed monkey) Monkeys is becoming one of the most endangered primates.  There are now about fewer than 2,000 Yunnan golden monkeys (black snub-nosed monkey) in the wild.  To take this tour, to photo black snub-nosed golden monkey, to photograph the impression of snub-nosed monkey, to understand the species biology and behaviors of Rhinopithecus Bieti: Golden Monkeys home is at altitudes higher than any other primate except humans; Live and transfers in communities made up of small family groups consisting of one male, several females and their children;  Most time they live in trees, eating only plants primarily lichens found on trees; Give birth about once every two or three years.
The Yunnan Golden Monkdys distribute in the best primary forests in the area of between Yangtze River and the Mekong River in Yunnan and eastern Tibet.
In this trip it is sure that you watching the wild black snub nosed monkeys.

Day01, Arrive Beijing, take taxi by yourself to overnight in 3 stars Qianmen hotel.
Day02, Take taxi by yourself to Beijing Int'l A'port for  flight (or stopover at another city, or another flight from another city) to Lijiang, pick you up and transfer to overnight in the hostel of Tachen (Tacheng) Xiangguqing Yunnan Golden Monkey Park(today no service in Beijing). (B/D)
Day03, Visit the Golden Monkey Phinopithecus Bieti Research Center, and then drive to Tachen (Tacheng) Xiangguqing Yunnan Golden Monkey Park at 2780 meters,
which at Xiangguqing mountain,  take park bus and hiking up, to trace wild Yunnan golden monkeys living area above 3040 meters,  to watch Yunnan Golden Monkey, to photo Rhinopithecus bieti or Yunnan black sunb-nose monkey in English, overnight in hostel.(B/L/D)
Day04, Again to track wild Yunnan black snub-nosed monkeys in Xiangguqing Mountain Yunnan Golden Monkey Park, in the evening drive back to Lijiang for night in 3 stars hotel.(B/L/D)
Day05, Full day sightseeing in Lijiang old town to photography the Lijiang town, overnight in Lijiang.(B/L/D)
Day06, Drive to Lijiang for flight back to Beijing, overnight in Beijing(no land service in Beijing).(B)
Day07, Service ends after b'fast.(B)

Quotation (In RMB, per person, 7days, basis of 2persons share one standard room): 12800CNY/p.p.,  single supplement: 1800CNY.
Minimum 2 persons.
Included: local style meals, transportation and transfers, accommodation in marked hotel or similar, entry fee for sightseeing, permit if necessary, English speaking guide service, all air tickets marked (economic cabin) of Beijing-Lijiang-Beijing with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, taxi, int'l air tickets, service in Beijing,  any other service not included above.

All above subject to our confirmation.


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