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In the trip, under the local experenced guidance, we will arrange you from Golmud to the wild yak, chirus tibetan antelpoe area to trace the wild animals such as: Chiru, (Pantholops hodgsoni Pantholops hodgsonii , Tibetan antelope); Equus kiang, Kiang; Bosmutus (Poephagrt mutrs), Wild yak; Auila chrysaetos, Golden eagle;  Procapra picticaudata, Tibetan gazelle; Ursus arctors, Brown bear; Ovis ammon, Argali sheep etc. And as well as to Yushu area (Nangchen Nangqen, Chumarleb, Jyekundo Gyegu,  Maduo), the origins area (headstream, cradleland) of the Yangtze, Yellow river and Mekong River, to track the trace of wild animals.  In Nangchen (Nangqen) are virgin land, plateau pasture, virgin forest, deep and serene canyon, thousand years old Buddhist Monasteries and myth stories, paradise of wild animals.
In this trip, it be sure that you can watch Chiru (Tibetan antelope), Tibetan Gazelle, Kiang, Wild Yak, Blue sheep, white-lip deer (Cervus albirostris) etc, as well as enjoy the Tibetan culture.

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Tour Code: WLPH-124

Day01, Arrive Xi'an, take taxi by yourself to overnight in 4* Prince hotel or Diamond Int'l hotel.
Day02, Take taxi by yourself to Xi'an A'port for  flight to Golmud, pick you up and transfer to visit the Wildlife Exhibition in Kekexili Adminstration, overnight in Golmud.(B/L/D)
Day03, Drive to Yeniu (Wild Yak) valley, about 1-2 hours driving, arrive there and start to watch wild animals in jeep such as Chiru, (Pantholops hodgsoni), Tibetan antelope; Equus kiang, Kiang; Bosmutus (Poephagrt mutrs), Wild yak; Auila chrysaetos, Golden eagle;  Procapra picticaudata, Tibetan gazelle; Ursus arctors, Brown bear; Ovis ammon, Argali sheep etc. And be sure that most of above animals will be in your sight., as well as other rare animals into your sight, overnight in tent or camp.(B/L/D)
Day04, Drive and trace wild animals, then drive back to Suonadajie (Sonam Dargyi) Station, visit the Sonam Dargyi Wildlife Rescue Center and photography the Tibetan Antilope Chiru. Then drive to Wudaoliang,  overnight in Wudaoliang.(B/L/D)
Day05-Day07, Tracking and watching, observation wild animals around Wudaoliang area, and photographing the chiru Tibetan antelope, special at the wild animals passway (Wubei Daqiao, Chumarhe Daqiao area), watch and photograph Chiru, (Pantholops hodgsoni), Tibetan antelope; Equus kiang, Kiang; Bosmutus (Poephagrt mutrs), Wild yak; Auila chrysaetos, Golden eagle;  Procapra picticaudata, Tibetan gazelle. overnight in Wudaoliang.(B/L/D)
Day08, Tracking and watching wild animals, and drive to Budongquan station for night.(B/L/D)
Day09, Drive easternward along the Chumar River valley, to track and photography wild animals into your sight from both river banks, and then to Chumaleb River Town (Qumalaihe township) for night in local hostel or local house.(B/L/D)
Day10, Still drive easternward to Sewugou (the old town site) for photograph wild animals, as well as on the road, and at last drive to Chumarleb county (new town, Tangai town, Qumalai) for night in local hostel.(B/L/D)
Day11, Drive to Zhiduo county night, enjoy the photographing along the road, and check in and then drive 10 km to visit Gongsa monastery with its wild animals such as blue sheep, white-lip deer etc, overnight in Zhiduo.(B/L/D)
Day12, Full day visiting Zhiduo, photograph wild animals in Gongsa Monastery, and visit / photograph wild Deers in Deer Plants (in Aug, wild deers will be down, and other time the deers will be up to the mountains), overnight in Zhiduo.(B/L/D)
Day13, Drive through Gar Grand Canyon to Gar Monastery, watch wild animals along the road (such as Baizha Forests, Baizha Lingchang), and obersavating watch blue sheep, dzeren (yellow antelope, Procapra gutturosa), White Eared-Pheasant, and other wild anmials scattering just in or around the Gar Monastery, even toutched by local lama, overnight in local house.(B/L/D)
Day14, Full day photograph, watch, track wild animals, overnight in local house.(B/L/D)
Day15, Drive back to Nangqen (Nangchen, Nangqian) for night.(B/L/D)
Day16, Drive to Yushu for night.(B/L/D)
and visiting and photographing wild animals in Longbaotan Nature reseve if time permits.
Day17, Drive to Maduo for night.
Day18, Drive to the origin (source area) of Yellow River area (Nature reserve), visit Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake, to track watch wild animals, photograph camera antelope chiru, Ass, Yaks, and other rare animals. overnight in local house or even tent.(B/L/D)
Day19, Full day photographing around Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake, and drive back to Maduo for night.(B/L/D)
Day20, Drive back to Xining for night.(B/L/D)
Day21, Free day in Xining (standy- by for the necessary in case delay due to the road, earthfalls etc).(B)
Day22, Take flight to Xi'an for night.(B) (No service today, but only accommodation)
Day23, Service ends.(B)
Note: This shcheduel will be adjusted (as marked below departure date A / B) per the different departure date, so that we can get the best possiblity to watch the wild animals in Tibetan Pleatau.
Quotation (In RMB, per person, 23days, basis of 2persons share one standard room): 64200CNY/p.p.,  single supplement: 5600CNY.
Departure date (Day01) A: 20May (for Tibetan antelope - female in pregnancy, movement for baby birth).
Departure date (Day01) B: 04Aug (for Chiru, after-birth, movement back with baby).
Minimum 2 persons.
If 6 persons or more in your party then please e-mail us for discount; If one person alone arranged then double the cost.
Included: local style meals (ready-food while tracing wild animals in Qinghai Province if necessary on the road), transportation and transfers, (3*  hotel in Xining and Golmud, 4* hotel in Xi'an, tent if camp)accommodation in marked hotel or similar, one ranger service (local assistant from the Protection Station) while tracking wild animals in Wudaoliang area (Day07-Day09) ,  entry fee for sightseeing, permit if necessary, English speaking guide service, all air tickets marked (economic cabin) of Xi'an-Golmud and Xining-Xi'an with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver and expert, taxi, int'l air tickets, service in Xian, service in Xining on Day21/22,  any other service not included above.

All above subject to our confirmation.


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