Wildlife Photography Adventure to  Track Trace Wild Snow Leopard in Aksu Kashigar Pamir Taxkorgan Tomur Nature Reserve

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About Snow leopard

Tour Code: WLPH-106

To photograph, track, trace wild animals in major area of Snow Leopard living area in Xinjinag, Taxkorgan Tashkurgan Pamir land and Aksu Tomur nature reserve. In this trip includes 2 sessions, according to your time and interesting, you can take both them or take any one of them. It is possbile that you may watch the snow leopard if luck, or get some trace under the assistant service of local experienced guide or experts. In this area, a lot of rare animals as: Marco Polo sheep, wolf, brown bear, ibex goat, wolf dog, Tibetan wild Ass, wooly hare etc. In this trip we can't gurantee that the Snow Leopard into your sight. Of course we will arrange other similar local site instead of below marked site for your tracking wild snow leopard if necessary according to the activity of snow leopard in recent days.
Anyway, this is expenditure adventure trip, either your body, or your time, or your money. 1st your body must get ready to the high altitude (over 5000 meters) area with low oxygen.

Day01, Arrive in Urumqi, take taxi by yourself to check in local 3* hotel.
Day02, Take taxi by yourself to Urumqi A'port for morning flight to Kashigar, pick you up at Kashigar A'port and transfer to Taxkorgan county for night in 2* Pamir hotel or Huangguan hotel or Stone hotel.(D)
Day03, Have a rest or local sightseeing to make your body to the high altitude area, overnight in Taxkougan.(B)
Day04, Drive to Maryang (township) Base Camp (Maeryang Dabenying, altitude about 5000m, Taxkorgan Nature reserve ) for night in local house or tent.(B/L/D)
Day05-Day14, Full day hikking / tracking (horse if necessary) the footprint or trace any signs of wild snow leopard, watch Tibetan antelope chiru and other rare animals in Maryang area and other villages or township surrounding, special trace in Pishiling area where snow leopard breeding area. In general with the experienced local assistant service, we can find the snow leopard's scrapes, footprints, feces, even scent spray and hair or claw rake, overnight in local house or camp.(B/L/D)
Day15, Drive back to Tashkogan  for night.(B/L/D)
Day16, Drive to Kashigar for night.(B/L/D)
Day17, Drive to Aksu, in the afternoon get ready for next day tracking trip, if possible visit the local Zoo which raising captive (rescued) snow leopard, overnight in 3* Aksu Jinlan Grand hotel or similar.(B/L/D)

(Or if take 1st session only, then
Day17, Drive to Kashigar A'port for flight back to Urumqi, take taxi by yourself to check in hotel for night.
Day18, Service ends
( Or if take 2nd session only, then
Day16, Arrive Urmuqi.
Day17, Urmuqi - Aksu by morning flight

Day18, Drive to Tomur Nature Reserve of Wensu county, getting ready to track wild animals in Tomur nature reserve, overnight in Wensu hotel.(B/L/D)
Day19-Day38, Full day driving, hikking, horse riding (if necessary) for wild animals such as wild snow leopards in Tomur nature reserve, special trace or to track wild snow leopards or other rare wild animals in Yingyan area, Keqiketailan area, Murzhate old road or Murzhate Ice Glacier area etc. To tracking for snow leopard's scrapes, footprints, feces, even scent spray and hair or claw rake. In this area many local herdzman met snow leopard, and grazing animals killed by snow leopard, overnight in local house or camp.(B/L/D)
Day39, Drive back to Aksu for night.(B/L/D)
Day40, Free day in Aksu.(B)
Day41, Drive to Aksu A'port for flight to Urumqi, and  take taxi by yourself to check in local 3* hotel.(B)
Day42, Service end.(B)

Quotation (per person in USD, settlement in RMB):
1st session (Day01-Day18): 97500CNY/p.p. single supplement 3500CNY (for city hotel only)
2nd session (Day16-Day42): 136500CNY/p.p. single supplement 3500CNY (for city hotel only)
2 sessions total (Day01-Day42): 275000CNY/p.p. single supplement 6800CNY.(for city hotel only)
Minimum: 2 tourists.
Time: better Mar-Nov, best 10Mar-10May and 20Aug-20Oct.
Included: local style meals marked, accommodation in marked local hotel or hostel even local house, transfer and transportation by private car, private English speaking guide service, entreance fee for sightseeing, permit if necessary, local ranger or local assistant (or local expert) service while tracking / hikking wild animals in nature reserve, economic cabin air ticket of Urumqi-Kashigar or and Aksu-Urumqi with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver and local assistant, sleeping bag, taxi fee, service in Urumqi, international air ticket, any other service not included above.

Booking: 70days in advance.

All above subject to our confirmaiton.

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