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Names for Arjinshan: Aljinshan Arjin Aljin Shan Altun tagh mountain nature reserve, Altyn tagh,  A-erh-chin shan, Alking mountains, A'erjin Shan, Astyn-Tagh, Altyn Tag, Aerjin Shan.
Arjin Aljin Aerjin shan Altun Altyn tagh Astyn tag A erh chin wildlife nature reserve in Ruoqiang county.
Altun Arjin shan mountain range, just in southern Xinjiang Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region. The Altun Shan runs roughly 1,000 km south of Lake Lop Nur in a southwest to northeast direction, forming the boundary between the Tarim Basin to the north and the Qaidam Basin in the south. Arjinshan National Nature Reserve in Xinjiang is on the northern edge of the Tibet - Qinghai Plateau and contiguous with the Changtang and Kekexili Nature Reserves in Tibet and Qinghai.

The Altun shan mountain nature reserve is the 2nd largest nature reserve in China after the Qiangtang (Chang Tang) nature reserve in Tibet, the best reserve for large mammals in China. Arjinshan National Nature Reserve in the southeast of Xinjiang, covers  an area of 4,500,000 hectares of steppe, glaciers, rivers, desert and lakes. However, it is remote and undeveloped, with as yet no visitor facilities.

It was established in 1983 by Xinjiang Autonomous Region Government, and later upgraded as National Nature Reserve in 1985.  Aljin Mountain Reserve. Lies in Qarkilik Ruoqiang county, Xinjinag Region, from E8710 ' to 9118', N3600 ' to  3749'. The altitude is 3 876 ~7 723 meters high in the Aljin Mountain Reserve, with a continental climate that is predominately deep freezing cold. This makes human traffic difficult, thereby preserving the natural landscape and local wildlife in its original state.

It mainly protects primitive alpine ecosystem and rare animals. with populations of many rare Tibetan mammals for you to do scientific research survey and wildlife photography trip, including eleven species of ungulates. There are over 300 species of higher plants, 359 species of wild animals,  and 63 species of higher animals. 92 species of birds, 49 species of mammals, 250 species of insects. Some of the animals living in great numbers are under the state protection such as  black-necked crane, Tibetan wild ass (Equus hemionus kiang), Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsoni), Tibetan argali sheep(Ovis ammon hodgsoni), Blue sheep (Pseudois nayaur), Tibetan gazelle (Procapra picticaudata), Goitered gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa), Snow leopard (Panthera uncia), Wolf (Canis lupis), wild bactrian camels etc.

Most of the wild animals, includes mammals, birds etc, such as wild yak, chiru, will ass population in Arjinshan is increasing in recent years.

Altun - Lop Nor Wild Bactrian Camel National Nature reserve, just nearby there (already linked with the existing Altun Mountains Nature Preserve ),  to protect one of the largest remaining populations of the world's only wild bactrian camel species.

In Altun Shan nature reserve, the rarest specie -  original horse existing there only,  named Equus Przewalskii or Przewalski's Horse, the population of Przewalski's horses is increasingly frequently, and today called the Takhi.

Altun Shan is one of the last places in Asia where large herds of hoofed animals such as Tibetan wild yaks (some 10,000 of them), wild asses (30,000), Tibetan antelopes (up to 75,000), and gazelles can graze unimpeded over large areas, followed by predators like lynx, wolves, snow leopards, and steppe cats, surrounded by towering peaks which are home to ibexes and blue sheep.

In this trip, you can see the everyday life of mostly Uyghur people and some Han Chinese people in a rural town with low developing.

Better photography safari and adventure time: From Apr to Oct.

Arjin Aljin Aerjin shan Altun Altyn tagh Astyn tag A erh chin wildlife nature reserve, is one of the best photography area to photograph natrue, wild animals etc.

Aljin Altun Shan (Ruoqiang township) weather temperature (for reference only):

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High -1 6 16 24 30 34 36 35 30 21 10 1
Highest 10 19 30 37 41 43 44 43 40 33 25 18
Average Low -13 -8 0 7 12 17 19 17 11 3 -4 -11
Lowest -27 -22 -14 -7 -1 5 10 7 -2 -8 -16 -25
Average rainfall 1 0 3 1 3 5 9 5 1 0 0 1
  indication weather for Temperature "  C", rainfall "mm".
Note, inner the ranges of Altun mountain, the temperature maybe lower than above marked in Ruoqiant township.

Wildlife photography safari to Altun shan Aljinshan

All above for your reference only.

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