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To Chugqênsumdo for White lipped deers photography and track wild blue sheep isoetes hypsophila
White lipped deers Thorold's deer Cervus albirostris

Chugqênsumdo, Chaqingsongduo nature reserve, E99゜11ˊ~99゜42ˊ, N30゜33ˊ~31゜6ˊ, covers an area of 143682 kilo hectares, altitude from 3600 m to 5726m.  Located in Yangmarong village of Baiyu county, which is an important nature reserve protecting precious animal like white lip deer, leopard, golden eagle, etc.
Animals as Cervus albirostris (white lipped deer), Pantdgera uncial(snow leopard), Macaca thibetanus, Selenarctos thibetarus (black bear), Ursusarctos pruinosus, blue sheep etc. White lip deer existed more than 1000 there, which is nearly 1/20 of the world population. The lip white-lipped as 0.5 sheep per square kilometers.
Birds as Meergus squamatus, Grus nigricollis, L0ph0phorus lhuysii, Tetraophasis szcchcnyii, Bobasa sewerzowi, Gypaetus barbatus, Milvus migrans, Acciptor nisus, Buteo hemilasius, Buteo bute, (Falco cherrug, Gyps himalayensis, Ithaginis cruentus, Crossoptilon crossoptilon, Athene noctua, Bubo bubo.
The rarest plants in Chugqênsumdo  as   Isoetes hypsophila have been found in nine places in Baiyu County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.
Besides above, there are also rich resources of original naked fish.
213 species of insects in Chugqênsumdo nature reserve.

In general white lipped deers and blue sheeps into local sight usually in Chugqensumdo Chaqingsongduo nature reserve.

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