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White lipped deers photography trip

White lip white-lipped Thorold's deer Cervus albirostris. Wild deers population not more than 20000 deers, mainly area in Tibetan, special between Tibet Qinghai and Sichuan area.
White-lipped deer is listed as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.
It is raising in Tibetan area, the most wild white lipped deers raised is Zhiduo Deers Plant in Zhiduo county, Yushu, Qinghai province. These white lipped deers raised in the forests, and just come down in Aug.
The nature reserves for white lipped deers:
Sichuan: Chaqingsongduo nature reserve, Xinluhai nature reserve, Luoxu nature reserve.
Qinghai: Sanjiangyuan.
Tibet: Leiwuqi Nature reserve, Bailanggou nature reserve.
Gansu: Yanchiwan nature reserve.

Plants to cultivated, raising white lipped deers (all in Qinghai province): Zhiduo plant, Qilian plant, Yanglong plant.
As to photography white lipped deer, or survey, watch, track trace wild white lip deers, you can select any one of plants for both tracking and photographing, if wild white lipped deer then better Chaqingsongduo Chugqênsumdo nature reserve (as well as blue sheep).

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