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 The Tibetan antelope or chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii) (Zang Lingyang in Chinese), the "fairies of the plateau", live in family group, herds with 10-15 animals, adult males solitary. The main diet of it are grasses and herbs. Its main predators are wolf, Himalayan black bear. Hohxil is one of the habitats of the Tibetan antelope, an endangered plateau speices under the State’s first-grade protection.

Tibetan antelops or chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii) , is endemic to the Tibetan Plateau, with body length 120-130 cm, shoulder height 80-100 cm, tail length 18-30 cm and weight 25-35 kg. The coloration of the slender, gazelle-like Tibetan antelope ranges from beige or light-grey to white. The gestation period of chiru is about 6 months. The rut takes place in early winter (November-December), and the young are born in May and June. They give birth every 1 or 2 years. When the Tibetan antelope is presumably at 1.5-2.5 years it reaches its Sexual Maturity. The life span of a Tibetan antelope is probably 10-15 years.

Every June, the Tibetan antelope or chiru (pantholops hodgsonii) will go (via their own migration route or green passage) to Zhuonaihu (Zhuona lake), Sun lake, Wulanwula lake for new birth. As to the temperature going up, the Tibetan antelope plan and go more earlier to above lakes for new birth in 2011, some of them earliest as 03May for migration.
Tibetan antelopes migrate to Hohxil for breeding. They gather by the Lake Zhoine and Lake Taiyang (Sun lake) for new breed cubs. And About one month later, they return to nature reserves in the Qiangtang region of Tibet, the Altun Mountains of Xinjiang and the Three Rivers Source of Qinghai.

Tibetan antelope is living at elevations of 3,700-5,500 meters, about 12,300-18,300 feet. Tibetan antelopes chiru are mainly distributed over Qingzang Plateau, such as Qinghai, Tibet, Xijinag and Gansu, Sichuan area.

We arrange wildlife photography adventure to Shuanghu, Golmud, Aljinshan etc, to track, observe, watch  and photograph wild Tibetan antelope chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii ).

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