Breeding Research Center Park for Raising South China Chiese Tigers and Tiger Nature Reserve

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Photography track wildlife tour for south China Chinese tigers in breeding research center park and nature reserve

Panthera tigris amoyensis south China tiger chinese tigers. The South China tiger or South Chinese tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis), also known as the Chinese, Amoy, or Xiamen tiger, is a subspecies of tiger native, (Panthera tigris amoyensis), a subspecies native to south China and one of the Most endangered of the tiger subspecies. The last south China tiger was seen in Shaanxi Province in 1964. And last footprint was seen in 2000 in Yihuang, Jiangxi province.
Total official registered south china tigers about 92 tigers in 2010, 25 tigers in Meihuashan Breeding Research Center, and 14 tigers in Suzhou Shihu Breeding Research Center, and the balance in other local park in China.
And total about 1700 tigers (included Siberian tiger, souch China tigers, and Bengalese tiger, white tiger etc) in Guilin Bears & Tigers Park (breeding and research park), the largest tigers park in China, but not officially registered.
There are about 20 national nature reserve involved protecing this tigers, and 2 mainly national nature reserve for south China tigers: Meihuashan south China tiger nature reserve, Yihuang south Chinese tiger nature reserve.
The best area for south China tigers: Jiangxi province, Fujian province.
China is also plan to set up an wild enclosure for raised tigers releaseing to the wild, one plan to is in Zixi county, Jiangxi province.
And in recent years, ever reported in Yihuang county that local peasants found the footprint even face to face of the south China tigers, but almost all not proved by scientists.
And latest reported that maybe one south China tiger was photographed by Chinese tourists in Sanqingshan Nature Reserve, Jiangxi province on 15Oct 2010. And the picture looks like a tiger..

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