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One snow leopard pictured by Infrared Camera at Western slope of Mt.Miya Konka, Sichuan in Nov 2011.
One snow leopard met with local people at Wulatehou Qi (county), Inner Mongolia, on 09 Apr 2011.
One snow leopard appeared into local sight at a pass in Naqu, Tibet, and pictured on 12 Jan 2012.

The snow leopard (Uncia uncia or Panthera uncia) is a moderately large cat native to the western China and the Himalayas area. Snow leopard Panthera uncia just in Xinjiang, Tibet, Sichuan and Qinghai. Not more than 5000 snow leopards worldwide right now, and almost all distributed in Tibet Plateau and surrounding area, special in Tianshan area.

1st wild snow leopard filmed or tape recorded (video) in Shiqu, Sichuan. And in recent years, a lot of snow leopard pictures shooted by infrared trap-cameras in Wolong, Xinjiang, Qinghai etc, with wild tracking survey by wilelife scientists (both foreigner and Chinese) according to snow leopard's scrapes, footprints, feces, even scent spray and hair or claw rake, to proved that the population of wild living snow leopard have been increased in recent years in China.

In Xinjiang and Sichuan, as well as Qinghai, the snow leopard occasionally went down to the herdsman house for food in winter and earlier spring. The snow leopard usually to kill the grazing animals for thier eating.

The major sites to track wild snow leopards for tourists: Aksu - Kashi - Taxkorgan (Tashkurgan) , Xinjiang; Suojia area Zhiduo, Yushu, Qinghai; Shiqu area, Sichuan; Dulan area, Qinghai.

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