Chinese Antelope Wildlife Photography Przewalski Gazelle Procapra Przewalskii in Qinghai Lake Tibet Plateau China

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Wild animals photography trip for Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope

Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope (in Chinese, local Monglian called them "Huangyang" or "Tanhuangyang", or "Tanyuanling")  is endemic to China. Now habitat only in Qinghai Province in China. Total population not more than 1000 gazzelles,  critically endangered species.
In China, there are 6 species of gazelles or antelopes: Procapra przewalskii (PPR), Przewalskis’s gazelle; Procapra gutturosa ( PGU ), Mongolian gazelle; Procapra picticaudata (PPI), Tibetan gazelle; Gazella subgutturosa (GSU), Goistred gazelle; Saiga tatarica(STA), Saiga (no existing); Pantholops hodgsoni (PHO), Tibetan antelop. And Procapra przewalskii (PPR) ( Przewalskis’s gazelle ) and Procapra picticaudata (PPI) ( Tibetan gazelle) and Pantholops hodgsoni (PHO) ( Tibetan antelop ) are endemic to China.

The Chinese antelope / gazelle with its body length 110 cm,  tail length 10 cm, horn length 30 cm,  shoulder tall 50 cm, weight 15 -32 kg. The gazelle is yellowish brown with white spots on its rump.

Birthgive usually take place in from the end of June to the begin of July. The Chinese gazelle usually travels in groups of around 10 or so and larger in the winter. The rut takes place in the autumn. Males roar, chase, and challenge each other when competing for females but there is rarely serious fighting.

The desert grass is thier refuge and food, the elevation for gazelle habitat from 3000 meters to 3700 meters. The gazelle have two sessions of feeding grass: one is in the morning (05:00-07:00 in the winter) and another in late afternoon (nightfall to 1 hour after sunset). The preferred diet is sedge, grass, and other plants. The gazell's favour feeding grass: Achnatherum splendens, Leymus secalinus, A-gropryron cristatum, Carex stenophylla, Stipa purpursa, Poapratensis, Koeleria cristafa, Artemisia frigida, Orinus kokonorica, Ephedra intermedia, Calamagrostis phragmites, Astrgalustanguticus, Sabina vulgaris, Suaeda salsa, Polygonum sibircum etc.

The population / groups and habitat for Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope, all in Qinghai province China, around Qinghai lake. Yuanzhe group, Hudong-ketu group, Gangcha group, Tanyxuango group, Niaodao group, Shengge group, Qiejitan group etc.

We arrange wildlife photography safarie to (Kuirma) Korma / Shengee (the largest population) village  or Ketu area for photographer / scientists to track / photograph / survey / investigate wild Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope in Qinghai

Wild animals photography trip for Przewalski gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope

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