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Photography tour to photo Dwarf Blue Sheep Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi in Zhubalong Nature Reserve Bathang

 The dwarf blue sheep  (Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi) is one of the rarest mammals,  currently is only found in China in a narrow area in the upper reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze River) watershed in Sichuan Province.

The dwarf blue sheep was first recorded by scientists in 1937. Dwarf blue sheep  Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi is probably the most endangered, there are only less than 500 dwarf blue sheep survived in the world now.

Dwarf blue sheep Pseudois schaeferi are known to survive only in Batang area, Sichuan. According to a survey in 1997, the species has declined steeply in both range and numbers since the 1950s and 1960s because of overhunting. It's found that dwarf blue sheep live range from 2700 to 3200M on steep cliffs or rocky slopes. In Bathang area they live in a area of 295 sq KM with a population of 200. Each group has average members of 6.2 individuals with a male :female ratio of 67.7:100. Young of dwarf blue sheep are born in May or June. Density: "...only 0.5 - 1.0 sheep/sq km" (1.3 - 2.6 sheep/sq mi). Other name: Bharal pseudo sheep, Bharal, Dwarf Bharal, Shí Yáng ("stone sheep"), Yá Yáng ("cliff sheep"), Ai Yan Yang。 The Dwarf blue sheep is a smaller wild sheep, weighing about 25-40 Kg, The food mainly on grasses and also other plants in dry areas, valleys in the mountains, usually very steep grassy slopes, and dwells in groups of sheep. Usually they live in groups of about six.

There are two species of blue sheep: the dwarf blue sheep, Pseudois schaeferi and the blue sheep, Pseudois nayaur. The head and upper parts of the blue sheep are brownish gray with a tinge of slaty blue, and the underparts and insides of the legs are white. The Dwarf blue sheep reaches maturity about 1-2 years old, although the males don’t normally mate until they reach peak size, about 7 years old. They give birth to one, or very rarely two infants, after a gestation period of about 150 days. The young nurse for about six months, but after three months are grazing as well. They are weaned fully about 6 months old.  

Zhubalong Nature Reserve if special for Dwarf Blue Sheep (Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi)

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