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Teinopalpus aureus Mell Golden Kaiser I hind
Maandi China Butterflies Valley
China butterfly tour to view rarest Teinopalpus aureus Mell , Bhutanitis mansfieldi(Riley), Bhutanitis thaidina dongchuanensis Lee (Blanchard) , Parnassius apollo Lee (Linnaeus), Luehdorfia chinensis huashanensis Lee

Worldwide total butterflies 17 families. And in China documented the 12 families of Butterflies, 32 subfamilies, 434 genera and 2153 kinds. The most species of butterflies found in provinces: Sichuan 702,  Hainan 611, Yunnan  603, Chongqing  554, Taiwan 540, Zhijiang 352. And the various area are: Wuyishan, Henduanshan and Hainan area. One amazed site is Maandi town (Jinping county, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan) with more than 400 kinds of butterflies. In Hailugou area about 390 kinds of butterflies, in Wuyishan more than 200 kinds of butterflies within 16 kinds of Papilionidae. Golden Birdwing (Troides aeacus) found (reported 2007) in Huilonggou Forest GeoPark (Chengdu, Sichuan) with density of 3 golen birdwing butterflies every 100 meters from altitude 1100 to 1500m.

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The rarest butterflies in China are:

1st grade:
Teinopalpus aureus Mell , in english Golden Kaiser-e-Hind Butterfly or Golden Kaiser-I-Hind or Golden Kaiserihind , in Chinese "Jinbanhuifengdie". It is found in China and possibly Vietnam and Laos.
In China Golden Kaiserihind distributed in southern China, such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hainan. Golden Kaiser I hind was cameraed, captured in Guangxi (Dayaoshan), Jiangxi (Jiulianshan), Fujian (Nanping Baoshan, Wuyishan), Hainan (Wuzhishan, Jianfengling), Sichuan (Hailuogou).
To photo camera wild Golden Kaiserihind Teinopalpus aureus Mell, better go to Dazhulan / Wuyishan Nature reserve in Fujian,  Jianfengling in Hainan provicne, in general you can view this rarest butterfly if stay there more than 7 -10days or longer per your luck. To watch the specimen sample of Golden Kaiserihind, you can go to Hainan (Wuzhishan Butterfly Park, Yalongwan Butterfly Valley) and Wuyishan.

 Atrophaneura neptunus,  Losaria coon, "Chuiweifengdie"

Teinopslpus imperialis Hope, "Huifengdie" or "Huang Huifengdie"

2nd grade:
Bhutanitis mansfieldi(Riley), "ShuangweiHefengdie"

Bhutanitis thaidina dongchuanensis Lee (Blanchard) , "SanweiHefengdie"

Parnassius apollo Lee (Linnaeus), "AboluoJuandie"

Luehdorfia chinensis huashanensis Lee, "ZhonghuaHufengdie Huashan Yazhong"

Maandi Jinping China Butterflies Valley
With good natural and rich butterflies speacies more than 400 kinds, locat at Maandi town (E 10224'~108N 2235'~2248; alt 200 - 3012 m), Jinping county, Honghe Hani & yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan provicne. Maandi Jinping China Butterfly Valley is expected to become a world-class base for scientific investigation. This town with its three sides connected with vietnam, domestic animals and plants rich in natural resources. In butterfly growing season, there will be hundreds of thousands of butterflies in the bamboo forests, kocha trees, flying in groups around the village, with people exist in harmony. Previously, southwest forestry college of experts have come here for a 10-year study.  In an area of less than 3 km2, there are millions of various species of butterflies. Scientists observed app. 400 species butterflies so far, including several first-class endangered ones. The site was discovered ten years ago by a small group of professionals and they have been conducting research and observations since then, but the public know little about it.
You can view watch Butterflies in Tianshengqiao, Shitouzhai, Jiwozhai, Makuzhai, Biaoshuiyan etc in Jun and Jul.
And in China documented the 12 families of Butterflies, but in Maandi Jinping China Butterflies valley documented 11 families of butterflies.


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