Wild Animals Mammals Photography Tour for Antelope Chiru Gazelle Snow Leopard Panda Siberian Tiger Golden Monkey

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For photograph video film endangered species panda studio nature workshop production. If you are professional nature photographer with high professional equipment, please tell us.
All below photogrpahy wildlife tour without local historical sightseeing and ordinary visiting tour, if need some local historical site visiting, please tell us.
Some wildlife tourists photographer trip need 60days in advance to arrange the permit if necessary.


China Wildlife Photography Tour Schedule Itinerary

days Quote
WLPH-100 Virgin Zhiduo Dritu Suojia photography tracking adventure safari for wild Tibetan antelope chiru snow leopard 18 85800
WLPH-102 Study expedition and rare animal photography adventure to Dolan Qinghai for snow leopard 17 57800
WLPH-104 Field study expedition and wildlife photography safari to Luoxu nature reserve Ganzi for snow leopard 22 78600
WLPH-106 Wild animal photography adventure to Xinjiang Taxikorgan Tashkurgan Pamir land Aksu Tomur Nature Reserve habitat tracking snow leopard 42 275000
WLPH-108 Wild animals photography safari to Arjin Aljin Altun shan A erh chin wildlife nature reserve departure 20 May 2012 2014 20 40850+
WLPH-110 Trip to trace the Tibetan Mastiff dokhyi at the birthplace Tsomei cuomei Gudui village 8 18400
WLPH-114 Wildlife photography tour for Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope in Qinghai 12 32200
WLPH-119 Photography safari to totohe tuotuo river Tanggula area for wild animals tibetan antelope chiru, wild yaks, argali sheep 10 33400
WLPH-120 Photography trip to Hoh xil for watching tibetan gazelle and wild chiru Tibetan antelope wild yak kiang ass animals 10 30200
WLPH-122 Wildlife photography safari to Tibat Plateau qiangtang nature reserve shuanghu to track photograph wild animals chiru antelope gazelle kiang 10 Sep 2011 - 2013  2014 10 33400+
WLPH-124 Wildlife photography trip to Kekexili Nangqing Zhiduo for chiru tibetan antelope gazelle snow leopard 23 64200
WLPH-126 Wild bactrian camel (camelus bactrianus) photography safari to China Kumutage desert gobi land in Xinjiang 14 53400
WLPH-220 Chaqingsongduo natuer reserve for photography tracking white lipped deer and wild blue sheep Isoetes hypsophila 14 23400
WLPH-226 Photography tour to photo Dwarf Blue Sheep Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi in Zhubalong Nature Reserve Bathang 12 20500
WLPH-228 China wild animal photography trip to watch photograph wild golden takin (Budorcas taxicolor bedfordi) in Foping Qinling mountains 5 10730
WLPH-426 Professional Photography safari to Photo White-headed Langur Chongzuo White-headed Leaf Monkey Eco Park 5 7400
WLPH-430 Wild Yuunan Black Snub-nosed Monkeys in Rhinopithecus Bieti Park for Wildlife Photographing 7 12800
WLPH-432 China wildlife photography tour to track wild golden snub-nosed monkeys in Foping Dapingyu for Wildl animals photographing 5 9500
WLPH-433 Photography trip to photo wildlife golden monkey snub-nosed monkeys, rhinopithecus bieti at Zhouzhi nature reserve 5 9500
WLPH-434 Wild Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey photograph Rhinopithecus roxellana in Shennongjia nature reserve 9 14800
WLPH-722 Photography trip for Siberian tigers in Hengdaohezi siberian tiger safari park Heilongjiang China 6 16860+
WLPH-730 Photography track wildlife tour for south China Chinese tigers in breeding research center park and nature reserve 10 24660
WLPH-906 China butterfly tour to view rarest Teinopalpus aureus Mell , Bhutanitis mansfieldi(Riley), Bhutanitis thaidina dongchuanensis Lee (Blanchard) , Parnassius apollo Lee (Linnaeus), Luehdorfia chinensis huashanensis Lee 6+ 10650+
WLPH-919 Wild animals photography travel to track watch camera really wild giant panda bears in Baoxing Sichuan 12 12800+

China Wildlife Photo Images Gallery for Wild Animals

Siberian tigers photography gallery           Tibetan antelope chiru gazelle          

Wild Animals Mammal Namelist for Photography Trip

   Snow Leopard Panthera uncia    White lipped deer Thorold's Cervus albirostris         Dwarf blue sheep Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi      Blue sheep Pseudois Nayaur      south Chinese tiger    Tibetan antelope Chiru Pantholops hodgsonii      Gold Takin (Inscrutable Hulk)         Ibex      Przewalski’s gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) or Chinese antelope

China Butterflies resources species Golden Kaiserihind              Giant panda bears       

China Wildlife Photography Site and Virgin Land Destinations for Wild Animal

       Arjin Aljin Altun Altyn tagh A erh chin wildlife nature reserve             Chugqênsumdo Chaqingsongduo nature reserve Zhouqun  Yushu Sanjiangyuan Zhiduo Suojia    Golmud Yeniugou wild yak valley   
Other panda close-up art photography trip

All above subject to our confirmaiton.

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