Trek From Xinluhai to Palpung Monastery Dege Printing House

Tour Code: CM-SC41

Day01, Arrival in Chengdu for night.(D)
Day02, Bus to Kangding for night.(B/L/D) 
Day03, Bus to Ganzi for night.(B/L/D)
Day04, Bus to Manigango and ready for trekking tour in Xinluhai lake, overnight in camp.(B/L/D)
Day05, Trek Xinluhai lake to Eluokou for nigh in camp.(B/L/D)
Day06, Trek to Amla for night in camp.(B/L/D)
Day07, Trek to Yueba for night in camp.(B/L/D)
Day08, Trek to Dama for night in camp.(B/L/D)
Day09, Trek to Puma for nigiht in camp.(B/L/D)
Day10, Trek to Zhongsha Monastery for night.(B/L/D)
Day11, Trek to Palpung Monastery for night.
Day12, Explorating in Palpung monastery.(B/L/D)
Day13, Trek to Baya for night.(B/L/D)
Day14, Bus to Dege for night.(B/L/D)
Day15, Trekking in Dege for culture such as Derge Printing House, Derge Tibetan Hospital.(B/L/D)
Day16, Bus from Dege to Ganzi for night.(B/L/D)
Day17, Bus to Kangding for night.(B/L/D)
Day18, Bus to Chengdu for night.(B/L/D)
Day19, Leave Chengdu after b'fast.(B)

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