Private Customized Trip Tibet Shigatse Qinghai and Trekking Camp Tour for Tibetan Culture

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  Ordinary Private & Customized Tour
(Departure daily or fixed date)
CM-TT51 Private Cutomized budget trip to Tibet Lhasa and trishaw pedicab to visit Potala Palace           4 2580+
CM-TT511 Lhasa Cutomized Private Guide service trishaw pedicab Tibet Tour 4 2260+
CM-TT52 Private tailored tour to Tibet Gyantse Shigatse Tour        6 5480+
CM-TT520 Customized private Tibet Lhasa tour to Namtso Gyantze Shigatse  6 7480+
CM-TT521 Chandom (Changdu) 6days + Tibet 4/6days Tour 9+ 12580+
CM-TT53 Tailored private Xizang Lasa Gyantse Shigatse EBC Everest Tingri Zhangmu Tour     8 11650+
CM-TT56 Cultural private tour to Central Tibet Tsedang Lhasa Shigatse Samye Shannan Gyantse 8 8550+
CM-TT57 Private travel to Shigatse Gyantse and EBC Mt.Everest & Lhasa    8 9300+
CM-TT58 Tibet EBC Mt.Everest Mt.Kailash for Kora Trip     20 3680+
CM-TT581 Small group tour to Kailash for kora    17 3160
CM-TT61 Lithang Horse Race Festival Tour 8  
CM-TT611 Qinghai Yushu Jyekundo Horse Race Festival Tour 9  
CM-TT62 Small group tour to Namtso Lake Tashi Dor and Shigatse in Tibet for Adventure & Exploration 8  
CM-TT65  Tibet Namjiabarwa Namjagbarwa Namjag Barwa Peak in Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon 10  
Trekking & Camp Tour
CM-TT01 Lham Lhatso Lake Trekking & Camping Tour 17 2250
CM-TT011 Orakel Lhama Latso Lake trek and camp tour 14
CM-TT02 Namtso Lake Trekking & Camp Tour 12 1520
CM-TT022 Trek trip around Namtso Lake 10
CM-TT03 EBC Mt.Everest Camp Exploration & Lhasa Tour 10 1420
CM-TT04 Adventure Tour in Central Tibet Yangpachen & Namtso Lake 11 1460
CM-TT05 Mountaineering Tour From EBC to ABC in Mt.Everest & Central Tibet Tour 15 2550
CM-TT06 Mountaineering Tour From EBC to ABC in Mt.Everest 13 2350
CM-TT07 Pilgrim & Kora to Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake  16 2380
CM-TT08 Pilgrim & Kora Tour in Mt.Kailash and Manasaravor Lake With Lhasa Tour 21 2890
CM-TT09 Trekking from Ganden to Samye 11  
CM-TT10 Namjiabarwa Namjagbarwa Yurlung Tsampo Canyon Valley Trekking Adventure in Tibet 09  
CM-TT11 Trek From Lhasa Namtso Samye Shigatse EBC & Kora  Kailashi to Nepal 30 3480+
CM-TT12 Trek Tour From lhasa Samye Tsetang Lham Lhatso Olka for pilgrimage 25 3360
CM-TT13 Bird Watching Tour in Qinghai From Kokonor Maduo to Yushu & Nangqian  12  
CM-TT14 Bicycle & Horse Ride Tour Around Kokonor Lake 6   10  
CM-TT15 Safari expedition trip to kekexili hoh xil yeniugou Golmud for wildlife chiru adventure photograph 10 32200CNY
CM-TT16 Hike Trek & Horse Ride to Anymachen Mountain for Pilyrimage 12  
CM-TT17 Tour to Kham Chamdo -- Eastern Center of Tibetan Culture 5-17
CM-TT18 Adventure Tibet trip to Nyainqentanglha East for expedition unclimbed peaks & glaciers in virgin valleys. 30+  
  Overland Tour     
CM-TT31 Xinjiang Kashigar Kailash Saga Shigatse Lhasa Tsetang Overland Tour 20 2720
CM-TT32 Overland Tour from Sichuan Chengdu to Tibet Lhasa  Sale! 14 (2160)  

Xi'an Dunhuang Qinghai Tibet Overland Tour


Qinghai to Tibet Overland Tour


Mysterious Qinghai - Tibet Plateau Tour


Exploration in Silk Road, Tibet and Nepal

CM-TT37 Qinghai Xining Xiahe Jiuzhaigou Chengdu Tibet Tour 14 1722
CM-TT38 Expedition and Photograph in the Source of Yellow River  14 1680
CM-TT39 Expedition and Photograph in the Source of Yangtze River, Chengdu-Xining-Golmud-Tuotuo River-Lhasa 20 2560
CM-TT40 Exploration Tour from Xining to Yushu  & Shiqu  Dege Litang in Kham Area 23 2060
CM-SC01 Trek & Hike Gongga Mountain  Hailuogou and Yanzigou Glacier  7-10 450+
CM-SC02 Trek Tour From Muli to Daocheng Shangri-la 17  
CM-SC21 Trekking Across Mt.Gonggar 11 1240*
CM-SC22 Lugu Lake and Lijiang Tour 10 980
CM-SC23 Litang Horseing Festival Baiyu Lama Dancing Tour 23 2340*
CM-SC24 Trekking 5 540
CM-SC25 Mountain Hengduan Tour for Tibetan Culture in Kham Area 19 2140
CM-SC26 Shangri-La Tour From Kham to Yunnan for Ethnic Cuilture 19 2260

Hongyuan Horse-back Tour

15 1480
CM-SC28 Muli Kingdom & Lugu Lake Historial Culture Tour 20 2380
CM-SC29 Exploration Tour in Baiyu Shanyan "Geba" Patrilineal Society    New Discovery!
Introdution to "Geba"
26 2560*

Trek & Hike to Golden Summit,  Mt. Emeishan

5 384
CM-SC31 Horse Ride in Songpan 5-6 264+
CM-SC40 Exploration in Tibetan Culture in Dege Area 13 1520*
CM-SC41 Trek From Xinluhai to Palpung Monastery Dege Printing House 19  
CM-SC50 Exploration Tour From Sichuan to Yunnan 24 2480
Trace wild Giant Panda Tour with trekking and volunteer trip
To reduce the cost of trekking tour, all aboves could be arranged to take public bus for transportation, then the cost adjusted down, please mail us for details.
Reservation for Tibet Tour
1, choice your date and tour code; 2, mail us all of your profiles such as name, sex, date of birth & place, nationality, copy 1st page with photo (scan in JPG), passport number and occupation, so that we can apply the permit for you; 3, once the permit and flight availible, we will inform you to make bank wire full payment to the account of our corp.; 4, after that, we will make re-confirmation to you on reservation.

Some adventure tours maybe delayed or canceled by military & political reason as well as other un-controlled forces from gods such as weather and road at no indemnity from our Corp., but we will adjust the itinerary to meet your need.


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