Exploration Tour in Baiyu Shanyan "Geba" Patrilineal Society

Tour Code: CM-SC29

Information about 'Geba' Organization

Day01, Arrive Chengdu, overnight in 4stars Minshan hotel.
Day02, Drive to Kangding for night, city tour in the afternoon.
Day03, Drive to Dege for night.
Day04, Visit Dege Printing House of Tibetan Buddha Scriptures, Tibetan Medicine Hospital which is also a factory, Gengchen Monastery in Dege town, overnight in hostel.
Day05, Drive to Palpung (Palpang, Pelpung or Bapang) Monastery Monastery for night, exploring the art of mural and Tibetan culture, overnight in Palpung Monastery (Hostel or camp).
Day06, Drive to Baiya, to visit Baiya(Pewar) Monastery, which house one of the finest sets of Buddhist murals in western Sichuan, and paintings are more than 270years old and cover more than 370 square meters which survived the destruction inflicted by  the Cultural Revolution, overnight in camp or hostel.
Day07, Drive to Jianshe Town, Baiyu county for night in Baiyu hostel.
Day08, Visit Baiyu Monastery nearby the Jianshe town and Gatuo Monastery at the north of Baiyu county, overnight in Baiyu hostel.
Day09, Drive to Gaiyu, visit Kanghong Monastery, camp for night.
Day10, Family visit in Gaiyu town, camp for night.
Day11, Drive to Shanyan for night in camp, negotiation with local government.
Day12, Visit Nigeng Monastery and Juemu Monastery, camp for night.
Day13, Drive and Trekking or horse ride to visit "Geba" organization in Baba Village, camp for night.
Day14, Back to Seba Village for investigation in "Geba" organization, camp for night.
Day15, "Geba" family visit, camp for night.
Day16, Drive to  Shama Twon for night in camp.
Day17, Visit Zama Monastery and "Geba" organization in Shama, camp for night.
Day18, Family visit, camp for night.
Day19, Drive back to Marong for night in camp.
Day20, Drive to Gerzi for night in hostel.
Day21, Drive to Litang for night in hostel.
Day22, Tour in Litang, hostel for night.
Day23, Back to Kangding for night.
Day24, Drive back to Chengdu for night in hotel.
Day25, Visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Sanxingdui Museum, and Giant Panda Base, overnight in hotel.
Day26, Leave Chengdu after b'fast.

Quotation(per person,  in USD, 26days, basis of 2 persons share one standard room):
A, 2560USD/p.p. for 2-5 persons, single supplement: 580USD.
B, 2180USD/p.p. for 6-9 persons, single supplement: 580USD.
C, 1750USD/P.P. for 10 persons and over, single supplement: 420USD.
Included: meals , transportation and transfers, horse riding, accommodation (marked in itinenerary: hotel, hostel, camp ), entry fee for sightseeing, English speaking  guide service.

Note: If all transfer and transportation by public bus or truck, then cost is 1640USD/p.p. for 2-5persons.

All above subjected to our confirmation


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