Qinghai to Tibet Overland Tour

Tour Code: CM-TT34

Day01, Arrive Beijing.
Day02, To Xining, visit Huzhu Tu People county, enjoys folk Tu's dance and visit Tu's family.
Day03, Visit Taer Lamasery and drive to Chaka Salt Lake vis Sun and Moon Mountain and Qinghai Lake, overnight in Chaka.
Day04, Drive to Golumd, Gobe scenery for your sight.
Day05, Drive to Tuotuo River vis Kunlun Mountain,  through Konglun (Kunlun) pass, Kekexili nature protection area and the First Bridge in Yangtse River. On the way, snow covered Kunlun Mountain, glacier, wild animals of Qinghai--Tibet Plateau such as wild donkey, Tibetan antelope, argali, plateau hare are in your sight.
Day06, Drive to Namqu (Naqu) via Tanggula Mountain Pass, on the way, enjoy the landscape of snow covered mountain, plateau plants and grassland of north Tibet.
Day07, Drive to Lhasa.
Day08, Visit Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Monastery and Barkor.
Day09, Visit Drepung, Norbulinka abd Tibet Museum.
Day10, Drive to Ganbala Mountain pass then go to one of three biggest in Tibet -- Yamdrokyum Tse Lake and return Lhasa.
Day11, Fly to Chengdu (or Beijing) for night.
Day12, Leave Chengdu.


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