Shangri-La Tour From Kham to Yunnan for Ethnic Cuilture

Tour Code: CM-SC26

D1: Arrive Chengdu

D2: Chengdu / Kangding  (asphalt road) Changcheng Hotel , it is 376km on the expressway from Chengdu to Kangding. While traversing the Western Sichuan Plain on bus, we can appreciate the idyllic scenery and visit the local people; while climbing over Mt. Erlang, we can fell the nature and appreciate the splendor of Mt. Gongga in the distance and the beautiful sunset glow.

D3: KangdingChangcheng Hotel , leaving Kangding for Erdaoqiao, we will visit institute of Tibetan Language, watching the training program for Tibetans: traditional Tibetan painting of Buddhism, English; appreciating the students’ singing and dancing performance. After lunch with students in the dinning hall, we will drive to Laoyulin Hot Spring, where we can enjoy the scenery and bathing.

D4: Kangding / Litang,   Gaoyuan Hotel, after leaving Kangding, while the bus on the peak of Mt. Zheduoshan, 4216m above sea level, we can appreciate the majestic appearance of Mt. Daxueshan. After that, we will enter the Xinduqiao Grassland, where we may look up at the great Mt. Gongga, visit the gathering place of local nomads and taste their cheese. Crossing Mt. Gao’ershi and Mt. Haizi, we will arrive at Litang Grassland. It is together 294km.

D5: Litang / Sangdui ,   Camp, traversing Litang Grassland and virgin forest, we will arrive in Sangdui, where the Tibetans live a rather primitive life at night, will camp on the side of the Sangdui River.

D6: Sangdui,  Camp, visiting local Tibetans and the ancient Benbuo Monastery, strolling along the Sangdui River is our program. All over Sangdui, there are lots of Qingang trees and mushrooms. If it is the season for growth of mushroom, we can pick up some and have a taste.

D7: Sangdui / Daocheng,  Guest House ,  on the way of crossing over Mt. Haizi after leaving Sangdui, we can have a good look at the spectacular geographic relics of ancient glacier. After the arrival at Daocheng, we will drive to enjoy spring bathing in Rubucuka Hot Spring area.

D8: Daocheng / Riwa , Guest House or camp, leaving Daocheng, we will visit Gonalangji Monastery on the way. Andin Riwa, we’ll do some preparation for entering into“Sangri La”.  

D9: Riwa / Kanggu ,  trekking or ride horse,  camp

D10: Kanggu / Yading , trekking or ride horse,  camp,  Shiangrila is located at the center of Kanggu (Yading region). It is true that when  we come to Yading, we come to Shangrila.

D11: Yading/Tebei , trekking or ride horse,  camp

D12: Tebei / Kasi,  trekking or ride horse, camp

D13: Kasi / Riwa ,  bus, broken stones road,  guest House  or camp

D14: Riwa / Daocheng , bus, broken stones road, guest House

Leaving Riwa, we will visit Rewu Monastery on the way, when arrival at

Daocheng,  enjoy the hot spring.

D15: Daocheng / Xiangcheng / Zhongdian, bus, broken stones road,   Zhongdian Hotel

  Leaving Daocheng, crossing Mt. Daxueshan and Mt. Xiaoxueshan, entering Zhongdian grassland, and arriving at Zhongdian city, we will stay at Zhongdian Hotel where we can enjoy delicious dinner and the Tibetan singing and dancing. Altogether about 198km.

D16: Zhongdian / Lijiang , bus, broken stones road,  Lijiang Hotel

D17: Lijiang, Lijiang Hotel, Driving to Mt. Yulong, we climb the mountain. Back to Lijiang, we will appreciate Naxi minority nationality singing and dancing.

  D18: Lijiang / Kunming ,  Cahua Hotel Leaving Lijiang by flight for Kunming. Sightseeing in Kunmng.  

D19: Kunming / back  


Quotation(per person,  in USD, 19days, basis of 2 persons share one standard room):
A, 2260USD/p.p. for 2-5 persons, single supplement: 460USD.
B, 1980USD/p.p. for 6-9 persons, single supplement: 460USD.
C, 1770USD/P.P. for 10 persons and over, single supplement: 380USD.
Included: meals marked (some cooking in the wild if trekking and necessary), transfers and transportation, accommodation (marked in itinenerary: hotel, hostel and tent),  entry fee for sightseeing, English speaking  guide service,  tent and mat, cooker, 1 cook (chef, for B and C)  plus certain number local assistant persons (1local assistant person for two tourists) along with trekker (tourist) for  camping days.
Excluded: sleeping bag, personal usage, and any other service not marked above.

All above subjected our confirmation 


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