Mountain Hengduan Tour for Tibetan Culture in Kham Area

Tour Code: CM-SC25

Day01, Arr in Chengdu for night.
Day02, Drive to Khamding, overnight and sightseeing in Kangding.  It is 376Km and 6hrs on the expressway from Chengdu to Kangding While traversing the WesteIrn Sichuan Plain on bus, we can appreciate the idyllic scenery and visit the local people. While climbing
Day03, Sightseeing in Kangding.
Leaving Kangding for Erdaoqiao, we will visit Institute of Tibetan Language and watching the training program for Tibetans: traditional Tibetan painting of Buddhism, English; appreciating the students' singing and dancing performance. After lunch with students in the dinning hall, we’ll drive to Laoyulin Hot Spring, where can enjoy the scenery and bathing. 
Day04, Drive to Luhuo for night.
It is 284Km and 5hrs from Kangding to Luhuo. While the bus on the peak of Mt. Zheduo (altitude 4216m), we can appreciate the majestic appearance of Mt. Daxue. While arrival in the Buddhism Holy Land--Tagong, we’ll pay a visit to Agong Monaster. After through the Songlinping Grassland with various flowers, The peaceful and beautiful Ranwu Monastery is a next visiting spot.
Day05, Drive to Rongbaca, i
t is 130Km and 3hrs from Luhuo to Rongbaca. When we cross Mt. Luguokezi, we can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the basin. By way of Gantse, the view of countryside along the Yaluzangbu River will be in our sight. Especially in harvest seasons, we can enjoy the grand occasion of harvesting. Camping and picnicking beside the hot spring, we spend a sweat night.
Day06, Sightseeing in Rongbaca and camp for night, we’ll visit the Tibetan primary school, watch the students’ painting and carving, and accept gifts from the students. After sharing Tibetan lunch with the students, we’ll appreciate the students' singing and dancing performance or Tibetan horsemanship. And then, visit Dajin Monastery and enjoy bathing in the hot spring.
Day07, Drive to Shiqu for night in Shiqu hotel, it is 290Km and 7hrs from Rongbaca to Shiqu. Passing Manigage Grassland, we’ll appreciate the comb teeth-like landform of Mt. Que'er. The widespread exotic flowers and rare herbs on the Shiqu Grassland will be in our sight. And then we’ll arrive in the clean and pretty Shiqu City constructed under the aid of Chinese Aid foundation.
Day08, Exploration in Shiqu,
drive 40Km and 1.5 hrs to Siqu City, the ancient city of western Sichuan. We can visit the nomadic families, taste the Tibetan style food and enjoy the magnificent Shiqu Monastery.
Day09, Drive to Xinluhai and camp for night,
it takes our 7hrs back to Manigage, and then we drive to Zuqing Monastery, an ancient Kham monastery. Strolling along the Xinluhai Lake, we camp and picnic at the foot of Que'er. In June and July, we’ll enjoy collecting and  tasting wild mushroom.
Day10, Drive to Dege for night in hotel or hostel, drive 98Km and 5hrs to Dege. Crossing Mt. Que'er and passing through Dege Gorge (33Km long, 300m high and 20m wide), we will appreciate the Tibetan villages located in the depth forest. 
Day11, Exploration the Tibetan culture in Dege, the cultural center of Kham area as well as Tibetan Printing Center,
we will visit a Tibetan library-Dege Press-printing House, and appreciate the ancient woodcut for printing in the morning. In the afternoon, we will visit Tibetan hospital. 
Day12, Drive to Baiya,
75Km and 3hrs to Baiya. By way of Yangtse River Bridge, we will gaze at the first Tibetan village located between Sichuan and Tibet; lunch at the pretty village of Zuoya Village, watch the special Buddhist pray wheel, camp and picnic by the Baiya brook.
Day13, Drive or horsing to Palpung Monastery for night in house,  2 hours horse-riding eastward to Baiya Monastery, we will appreciate the mural. After lunch we’ll have 3 hours horse-riding eastward to Babang
(Palpung) Monastery.
Day14, Back to Baiya for night by camping. after lunch in Palpung Monastery, take 4 hours horsing to Baiya.
Day15, Drive to Gyamda,
driving 161Km and 6hrs to Gyamda, by way of Gangtuo, we will visit the charity hospital set up by an Italian scholar. And then go through Gangtuo Grand Gorge to the first city of Gyamda in West Tibet.  
Day16, Drive to Changdu,
crossing Langla Mountain, driving 166Km and 3 hrs, we enter into the extensive grasslands. Eagles, foxes and Mongolian gazelles will be in our sight.
Day19, Flight to Chengdu for night.

Quotation(per person,  in USD, 19days, basis of 2 persons share one standard room):
A, 2140USD/p.p. for 2-5 persons, single supplement: 380USD.
B,  1890USD/p.p. for 6-9 persons, single supplement: 380USD.
C,  1740USD/P.P. for 10 persons and over, single supplement: 330USD.
Included: meals marked (some cooking in the wild if trekking and necessary), transfers and transportation, accommodation (marked in itinenerary: hotel, hostel and tent),  entry fee for sightseeing, English speaking  guide service,  tent and mat, cooker, one truck(if road okey, for B and C) and 1 cook (chef, for B and C)  plus certain number local assistant persons (1local assistant person for two tourists) along with trekker (tourist) for  camping days.
Excluded: sleeping bag, personal usage, and any other service not marked above.

All above subjected our confirmation



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