Litang Horseing Festival Baiyu Lama Dancing

Tour Code: CM-SC23

Day1 : Arrive Chengdu 3- star hotel, Optional walk in old streets, Traditional Sichuan food banquet to welcome the group.
Day2 : Chengdu,
visiting Chinese old temples. Watching Sichuan Opera, visiting Sichuan Tea House.
Day3 : Chengdu - 0 Ya'an 2-star hotel
Drive 170km, through fertile farmlands. Visiting a marble factory. Welcomed by Ya'an famous fish banquet.
Day4 : Ya'an - - Dartsedo 2-star hotel
, drive 230km, into hill country, cross Erlang mountain to the Dartsedo.
Day5 : Dartsedo - - Litang 2-star hotel
, drive 200km, up to 4000 metres nomadic pasture. Litang is the highesttown with and average elevation of 4700 metres.
Day6-11 : Litang,
visiting Litang Yellow Hat monastery, horse -racing festival. And big free market temporarily gethered beyond racing site, Enjoy Tibetan singing sand dancing competitions. Making personal or professional researches on different Tibetan dress and their seledem seen daily lifework.
Day12 : Litang - - Xinlong Hostel, drive 230km, through forest valley and nomadic pasture down to Xinlongon the bank of Yalong Riverl.
Day13 : Xinlong - -Baiyu Hostel
, drive up 300km, to Yangtze River on the boarder of Sichuan and Tibet.
Day14 : Baiyu - - Katoic monastery
, drive aong the Yangtze River for about 60dm. into a mountain villagewhere a famous Red Hat katoic monastery located,on the top of the hills.
Day15-16 : Katoic monastery
, the katoic monastery celebrating the first living Buda's birthday ofkatoic monastery.
Day17 : Katoic - - Dege Hostel
, vsiting the famous Dege Priting Temple.
Day18 : Dege- - Ganze Hostel
. visiting Ganze monastery.
Day19 : Ganze--Dawu Hostel
Day20 : Dawu--Dartsedo Hostel, drive 240km., through Lhagon Town visiting pel Lhagon monastery.
Day21 : Dartsedo--Ya'an 2-star hotel, cross Erlang mountain into Luding, arter lunch drive to Ya'an. Ya'an. local fish banquet for dinner.
Day22 : Ya'an--Chengdu 3-star hotel
Day23 : Leave Chengdu

Quotation(per person,  in USD, 23days, basis of 2 persons share one standard room):
A, 2340USD/p.p. for 2-5 persons, single supplement: 420USD.
B, 2080USD/p.p. for 6-9 persons, single supplement: 420USD.
C, 1880USD/P.P. for 10 persons and over, single supplement: 360USD.
Included: meals marked , transfers and transportation, accommodation (marked in itinenerary: hotel, hostel and tent),  entry fee for sightseeing, English speaking  guide service.
Excluded: any other service not marked above.
Note: If all transfer and transportation by public bus or truck, then cost is 1500USD/p.p. for 2-5persons.

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