Adventure Alps of Tibet Trip to Photograph Nyainqentanglha East Mountains Range for Unclimbed Peaks & Glaciers

In this Nyainqentanglha East Mountains range expedition trip, to explore the unclimbed peaks, glaciers, virgin valleys in Nyainqentanglha East Mountains area, in east Tibet. Nyainqentanglha East Mountains, known as Alps of Tibet.
Day01, Arrive Beijing, then another flight to Chengdu or Chongqing for night.
Day02, Chengdu (or Chongqing) - Lhasa. (D, from dinner to the end in Lhasa, all meals included)
Day03, Lhasa.
Day04, Lhasa - BasongTso Lake, overnight in Tsogao village.
Day05, Basongtso for Samarasa and Zambera.
Day06, Basongtso for Samarasa and Zambera.
Day07, Basongtso-Tsogao.
Day08, Tsogao-Zhongtso.
Day09, Zhongtso for Lumboganzegabo and Namla Karpo.
Day10, Zhongtso for Lumboganzegabo and Namla Karpo, and Galaicer.
Day11, Zhongtso-Tsogao.
Day12, Tsogao-Zala.
Day13, Zala-Lamanirong.
Day14, Galacier, for Nenang if available.
Day15, Galacier.
Day16, Lamanirong-Wenbucai
Day17, Wenbucai-Zula.
Day18, Rest in Zula.
Day19, Zula -Bengga, or try for Chuchepo.
Day20, Bengga-Laza
Day21, Laza.
Day22, Laza-Azatso
Day23, Azatso-JIali.
Day24, Jiali-Tatse.
Day25, Tatse
Day26, Tatse-Zhongyu.
Day27, Zhongyu-Bomi.
Day28, Bomi-Lhasa.
Day29, Lhasa.
Day30, Lhasa-Chengdu (or Chongqing)- Beijing.
or 3days stand-by in Lhasa, then Day33, Lhasa-Chengdu or Beijing.
Better time: Aug and Sep. (above itinerary just finished in Aug 2008)
Quotation: 11760USD/p.p.
Included: localy style meals (meals in Tibet only, some in local family, some in tent as camping food), accommodation in local hostel (but hotel arranged in Lhasa and Chengdu) and camp for night, 4WD car (3-4 tourists in a car) service if road available (even local car arranged if necessary), environement protection fee,  Tibet permit from PSB / Military / Foreign Affair Office etc, one English speaking group guide service in Tibet (one guide for entire group), one trekking leader service in Tibet (one leader for entire group), entrance fee for sightseeing. 
Excluded: tent, sleeping bag, personal usage, personal trekking equipment,  personal assistant for your luggage if necessary, body insurance, urgent cost.
Better take 2-3 days in Lhasa for standy-by in case necessary if shcedule delayed due to road and weather.

All above subjected to our confirmation


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