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As a college aviation student and training center trainee advisor in China, we need to cooperate with worldwide reputed aviation academy and pilot training school. We like to work with world-known training center even as your office and representatives in China, and introduce Chinese young people to your aviation academy, education college and pilots school or training center.

Lot of pilot-interesting Chinese people go abroad for aviation study and pilot training, due to the limits of aviation pilots education in China. From 2011, China needs more than 3000 new pilots every year, but only output 2000 qualified pilots a year by 8 educational colleges. So there are large shortage gap between the need and output every year. One solution is to train pilots aborad.

Any forms of cooperation are welcome!

If okay, please e-mail us following information. And additional, post us any forms of original offical document (with official stamp) are welcome: Letter of authorization, Power of attorney, etc.

Tuition fee, living costs, create a realistic budget, banking, visa letter, addmission letter

Our Chinese version for China people to learn pilots in other countries

Professional pilots training in the aviation fields of:.plane, heli, balloon, aerobatics, airshows, ballooning, hang gliding, mountain flying, ultraflights, powered parachutes etc

Basic information  
  Legal name of school (academy, college, center)
  Ownerof school (academy, college, center)
  Address of Principal Business Office
  Location of Main Operation Base
  Location of Satellite Operation Bases
  History of the school (academy, college, center)
  AOC or equivalent certificate issued by its National Civil Aviation Authority
            Certificate No.
            Issurance Date
            Expiration Date
  Total Number of Full-time Flight Instructors
           Name of CFI and his / her E-mail
           Name of HPACFI and his / her E-mail
  Total Number of Owned or Leased Airplane
           Total of Single Engine Airplane
           Type of Single Engine Complex Airplane
           Total of Multi-EngineAirplane
           Type of Multi-Engine Complex Airplane
  Total of Airplane for Spin Training
           Type of Airplane for Spin Training
   Total of High Performance Airplane
           Type and MTOW
  Maximum capacity to train pilots
  Number of Registered Cadets
License and Certificate  
  PPL Course, Airplane Single-engine
  Instrument Airplane Rating
  CPL Course, Airplane Multiengine
  Additional Airplane Multiengine
  ATPL(A) Integrated Course
  High Performance Airplane Training Course
  Specific Course.
  MPL Course
  College Diploma and University Degree if available
Cost and Fee / Courses  
Period time / Courses  
Accommodation and Food  
Any other information are welcome!
Our Chinese version for China people to learn pilots in other countries

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