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There is a great shortage of 18,000 pilots in 2015 in China, special shortage of ATPL captain pilots. From 2003 to 2011 total about 1800 foreign pilots (most are PIC) were ever employed in China. Major Chinese airliner companies (such as Air China, East China, South China etc) ever made special pilot captains recruitment fairs abroad in USA, CANDA, SPAIN etc. And lots of small airline transport companies and general aviation companies have not the opportunity to make pilots recruitment fair abroad to meet their need of pilots. And pilots recruitment information was usuall issued in Chinese, so this page will lead you to obtain this aviation job.

To list pilots PIC profile in our site in Chinese, to display pilot resume curriculum vitae and flight experience, in order to obtain employment opportunities from China aviation campanies. To view Foreign Pilots C.V. List site in Chinese.

Process of listing in our Chinese website for recruitment and aviation jobs in China
Cost and fee of listing in pilots career site for Chinese airliner reference (free trial).

Background information of China Aviation (the needs and trends of pilots captains and aircrafts in 2015).

Name list of Chinese largest airline transport corp.
Name list of Chinese small middium sized airline transport companies.
Name list of China general aviation company.
Name list of Aviation academy and pilot training school in China.

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