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There is a gap of 18,000 pilots in 2015 in China to meet the needs, special shortage of ATPL pilots. In 2010 there were 500 foreign ATPL pilots employed  in China airliners, 2011 there were 689 foreign ATPL pilots employed in China airliners from 54 countries. From 2002 to the end of 2011, total about 1800 froeign pilots employed in China. And from 2007 to 2011, about 1131 foreign ATPLs coverted into Chinese ATPLs in CAAC through the airline companies.

In China, ATPL captains with the endorsement aircraft type rating in 2011 as (aircraft with total amount of captains endorsed):  A-310 with 45 ATPLs, A-320 with 2951 ATPLs,  A-330 with 751 ATPLs,  A-340 with 212 ATPLs, A-380 with 13,  B-737 with 3188,  B-747-4 with 398, B-757 and B-767 with 350, B-777 with 299, ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 with 90, CL-65 with 120, MA-60 with 30, MD-11 with 22.

The salary for ATPL captains in China, Chinese captain from 500,000 to 1,200,000CNY a year, foreign captain from 650,000 to 1,800,000 CNY a year.

It was estimated in 2011 that total fleets have 4500 aircrafts in 2015 with general aviation fleets included. Of which 2750 planes for Airline Transport. In 2010 there were 1604 transport planes in China,  and in 2012 were 1853 planes, and average increased by 119 tranport aircrats per year.

In general, Pilot flight time not exceed 100 hours a month, and not exceed 1000 hours a year.

And the tranport airports in China are 175, and estimated about 230 transports airports in 2015, and 240 airports in 2020.

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