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It is estimated in 2011 that China’s aircrafts fleet was expected to grow by 11% per year to 2015. To 2015, China need an additional 16,000 pilots, and only 2000 diploma pilots annual output trained in China, so  foreign pilots are good option. There are 2458 males and 63 females holding private pilot license, 12751 males and 94 females holding commerical pilots certificates in China. China have 857,000 millionaires and 55 000 billionaires, about 16% of them plan to buy a private jet. In the coming 20 years, there are about 4700 new aircrafts will be delivered to China aviation market.

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Foreign pilots PIC to China for aviation career employment, pilot jobs listings, pilot recruitment. Aviation school and flying club instructors work.  Private pilot license commercial certificate flight job. Profile resume curriculum vitae C V directory of foreign pilots and instructors. Free trial for your pilots instructors' profile in Chinese version. Index More Lots of young Chinese students go abroad for PPL CPL ATPL MPL training in foreign aviation academy pilots school center, to meet the need of China's aviation market. Index More . Let's cooperat in training Chinese pilots

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Aircrafts, used aircrafts listing for sales or lease to China. Any jets, turboprops, piston engine planes, and helicopters for sale to China by dealers, brokers and private sellers. Aircrafts such as Cessna airplanes, jets, single-engine, multi-engine, turbo-prop aircraft, and helicopters etc. Index More Chinese billionaires to fly abroad for flightseeing, sightseeing, conference, travel etc, chartering aircrafts from flights school training center pilots clubs. flightseeing and riding aircrafts for holidays, flying fighters for dogfight and aerobatics, as well as space travel Index More

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balloon, aerobatics, airshows, ballooning, hang gliding, mountain flying, ultraflights, powered parachutes etc

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Per the outstanding increase in China economy, it needs the general aviation support accordingly to meet the huge market. As a general aviation agency, it is our pleasure to set bridge between the emerging Chinese general aviation market and the Western aviation business community. 

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