Pilots Jobs Recruitment Agent and Training Academy Advisor Between China and Foreign Countries

From 2004 involved in Pilots training, mainly in foreign students to China for training. But from 2010, since China's CPI (China Price Index) went up rapidly, the training cost in China is almost double abroad cost, a lot of Chinese students pilots went to other countries such as USA, Canada, France and Australia for aviation training due to the lower cost, either organized by Chinese pilots academy or by pilots students themself.

What we do currently for pilots job, aviation academy, aviation training, aircrafts etc:

1, Foreign pilots and instructors to China for career employment, pilot job, instructors recuitment by Chinese airliner, aviation academy, pilots club, pilot training center, cargo air transportation, private aircrafts owner, general aviation company etc. We list all pilots' and instructors' resume (curriculum vitae, translation in Chinese version by us: personnel informaiton, pilots, flying hours and aircrafts type, C.V. etc) in our Chinese site www.focusflags.com, so that the Chinese employers view your background information.  As well as other information for foreign pilots and instructors reference.

2, Chinese young people to other countries for pilot and instructor training. As an aviation advisor, we will introduce foreign qualified aviation academy, school, training center to China aviation training market, for Chinese pilots students' reference. So please contact with us if you are aviation academy, pilot training school (PPL, CPL, ATPL, MPL etc). We will list some qualified aviation academy, training school in our site www.focusflags.com (Chinese version).

3, Aircrafts sales and lease to China. To meet the needs of general aviation in China and Chinese private planes needs, we will display all aircrafts in sales and lease in our Chinese site www.focusflags.com (Chinese version). Please contact with us if you are aircraft plants, dealers, brokers and sellers.

4, Chinese  to fly abroad for sightseeing, conference and travel. Please contact with us if you are pilots club, school, flightseeing company, aircraft for chartering. (offer aircrafts for chartering).

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