Trek & Hike Tour to China Anhui & Huangshan

Tour Code: CM-HS91

Day01, Arrive Tun Xi. This has been one of the most important towns in the region since ancient times. It lies in the upper reaches of the XinAn River - the vital communications link between the provinces of Anhui, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. The Ancient Tunxi Street is so antique and quaint that it has been referred to as "The Town of the Song Dynasty" and has been used for shooting films of ancient Chinese stories, walk in Tunxi Laojie street.
Day02, In the early morning we can visit the farmers' market and the local park where people do Tai Chi exercise. Our hikes continue along the river.
Day03, Trek along the XinAn River. It is  a gently flowing river with forests of fir, bamboo, tea bushes, loquat and orange on either side. There are numerous scenic spots along the river.
Day04, To the village of YiXian. In YiXian, we will have a chance to hike in a Bamboo forest. This area is famous the reservation of Sung Dynasties architectures, ancient traditions and customs.
Day05, Climb Mount QiYun. Mount QiYun is one of the four holy places of Taoism in China, deeply revered and yearned for by Taoists. Its peaks, rocks and caves are red, giving the area the name "Landform of Rosy Clouds". 
Day06, Bus to the gate of Huangshan, trek about 3Km to Ciguange (770M) via Spring Pool, then hike about 2.5km to Banshansi temple (1340M) for night in hostel.
Day07, Hike about 2.5Km to the foot of Tiandu Feng (1500M), than hike up about 1.5km to the Summit (1829M) to enjoy the picturesque view. last walk down about 3km to Yupinglou (1680M) to enjoy the view of Yuping Summit (1716M), and for night in hostel in Yupinglou area.
Day08, Hike up about 1.5Km to the Summit of Lianhua Feng (1864M), then walk down  and up about 5Km to Lianhuating, Bieyudong, last to pass through Haixinting, Hiking up Guangmingding Summit(1840) , and ends at Beihai for night in a hostel today.
Day09, Earlier morning to Paiyunlou / Paiyunting and Xihai area, walk down 1.5 km through Xihai to Beihai, then  turn back to hike up either Shixingfeng(1683M) or Shizifeng(1690M) an Qingliangtai platform for the sea of clouds or sun-rising as well,  last walk down Bai'eling for night in a hostel.
Day10, Walk down about 7.5km to Yungu temple, sightseeing on the road, then take bus back to Huangshan city for night in a hotel.
Day11, Leave Huangshan.

Quotation(per person,  in USD, 11days, basis of 2 persons share one standard room):
A, 1180USD/p.p. for 2-5 persons (meals with ready-food), single supplement: 250USD.
B, 1020USD/p.p. for 6-9 persons, single supplement: 250USD.
C, 740USD/P.P. for 10 persons and over, single supplement: 200USD.
Included: meals , transportation and transfers, accommodation, entry fee for sightseeing, cable car,  English speaking  guide service.

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