Walk & Trek Tour to Tunxi Huizhou Yixian and Shexian Huangshan for Old Architecture

Tour Code: CM-HS912

Day01, Visit Huangshan city (TunXi town) old city area, Laojie street, and walk along the Xin'anjiang River beside this town, overnight in Tunxi.
Day02, Take bus to Nanping Cun village in Yixian for visiting the old local residence houses built in Ming and Qing dynasty, and in the afternoon bus to Hongcun Village for the scenery picture town, overnight in Hongcun.
Day03, Visit there, then take bus to Yixian town, last to Xidi for visitint the famous architecture, and back Tunxi for night.
Day04, Take bus to Chengkan town (in Shexian) which built in the period of Three Kingdom, and in the afternoon walk to visit Qiankou town which famous for it's local residence Museum, overnight in Qiankou.
Day05, Take bus to Tangyue town which famous for the Memorial Arches (Paifang) building, in the afternoon to visit the Shexian town, and in the evening back to Tunxi for night.

Cost (per person in USD): 420USD/p.p. for group of 2-5persons; 350USD/p.p. for group of 6-9persons.
Included: English speaking guide service, public bus service, hostel.
Excluded: Entrance fee for sightseeing, meals, any other service not included above.

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