Trekking Tour in Xinjiang Hanas Lake

Tour Code: CM-XJ41

Day01, Arrive Urumqi for night. 
Day02, Sight-seeing in Urumqi, afternoon flight to Altay for night.
Day03, Depart Altay by jeep for a Mongolian village in the Altay Mountains, hotel for night.
Day04, Explore Mongolian village, by jeep to Lake Hanas and hostel for night.
Day05, Take boat to the head of Lake Hanas; start trek to the Hanas Glacier and the Friendship Peak, hostel or camp for night.
Day05, Trekking in Siberian forests to the Hanas Glacier, camp for night.
Day07-10, Explore hinterland of the Hanas Glacier, camp for night.
Day11-12, Trek to Lake Hanas, take boat to Hanas Village and hostel for night.
Day13, Visit Tuvu village, by jeep to a Kazakh summer camp for night.
Day14, Back to the Hanas River valley by jeep to Altay; visit Bronze Age stone carvings, hotel for night.
Day15, Visit cultural sites, including mosques, in Altay; afternoon flight to Urumqi for night.
Day16, Leave Urumqi.


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