Bulk AD Link for Backlink to Business Sites Via Networking Links

Network linking to increase business site traffic, to attract more customers. CEO backlink bulk AD add link to sites.

1, Price for linking campaign package: 150USD per year, 250USD for 2 years, 500USD for 5 years.

2, Our websites for linking campaign package service: our 8 sites for you one website.

Page / site to host a link PR Value Additional page Link to your site
relevant country list page within http://www.focuscountries.com New site Yes 1, one website url, title (not more than 45 letters), description (not more than 20 words).
2, Additional page, creat you own page, you write the article and e-mail us.
3, At www.echinatimes.com, there are 2 pages for you to writing article, one is in English, and another is in Chinese.
relevant page within http://www.focusflags.com New site No
relevant category page within http://www.echinatimes.com 2 Yes (both English and Chinese)
http://www.echinatimes.cn/link.htm 2 No
http://www.camptour.com/link.htm 3 No
http://www.4panda.com/link.htm 3 No
http://www.chinagiantpanda.com/link.htm 3 No
http://www.chinadam.com/link.htm 3 No

3,  Any form of "Negative" content (text link, and linked URL / website) as the following cannot be published in this website: 
     Abuse and abusive language .
     Racist , derogatory , obloquy content against someone , nations , ethnic groups , religions .
     Insulting a commercial brand , someone , nations , ethnic groups , religions .
     Adult content.
     Obscene and offensive.
     Illegal material / content.
4, If any "Negative" content, we reserve the right, to change and / or remove your advertising content including both text and links without prior notice, either before or after the respective content has been published.
    We ultimately have the final decision as to what is appropriate for this website, what is "Negative" for your AD text and your website content. If any of the content you submited for your advertising is "Negative", including your linked website, then we will remove it without prior notice at no refund. 
    If so, you have an opportunity to provide an alternative.
    If your website is not existed, and if you want to remove your link on this website, we will do it but no refund, but alternative availalbe.

5,  No refund under any circumstance.
6, All disputes are practical laws of China. The contract will be governed by the laws of China and you must agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts in Chengdu China.

7, Please e-mail us for above "linking campaign package" service.


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