Chaktreng Monastery & Camp Tour in Xiangcheng Ganzi TAP

Xiangcheng Monastery (Chaktreng Gompa) 
Sangpi Monastery (Sampiling Gompa)

Xiangcheng, its county seat is Sangpi township, located on the southern part of Ganzi TAP, surrounded by gorgeous scenery from all direction, just on the alongside the Shuqu (Shuchu) river. It is an important stopover for tourist travel in Khampa area from Ganzi TAP to Diqin TAP. 780km to Chengdu, and 122km to Zhongdian.
This town was built in 540BC. And there are 3 rivers such as Dingqu, Suoqu and Mayi flowing through this county. Many hot springs in this county due to its unique grography, in Ranwu township are 108 springs.
The attractives are Xiangcheng Monastery, Sangpi Monastery (Gyarong Gompa or Sampiling), Reda monastery, Zhendoubaixi monastery, Baiyidingzhen Monastery and Yachong monastery, Rongrao Mountain, Ranwu hot spring, Niting Canyon, Zhangji Grand Waterfall and Bamu Lakes scenery area.

Chaktreng Gompa (Xiangcheng Monastery)
Originally constructed in 1669 of the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Sangpi Monastery (Sampiling Gompa)
Built in 1654 of the Kagyu sect, and in 1669 to be a monastery of Gelug sect (Yellow sect). In 25Oct of Chinese canlender the Randeng (Latern firing) festival will be held in this monastery.


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