Seda (Sertar or Serta) County and Laronggar Monastery

Seda (Sertar, Sertha, Setha, Sertal)  
Laronggar Lamasery  (Larong, Larongka, Larung Gar)
Jinma (Golden Horse) Grassland

Jinma Grassland
Jinma Grassland located in Seda county, next to the downtown. The scenery here is unique and beautiful. It is said that is was a batter field of King Gesar. In late July every year, people gathering here to hold grand festivals for commemorating King Gesar.

Laronggar Lamasery  (Larong, Larongka, Larung Gar)
Laronggar Lamasery  (Larong, Larongka, Larung Gar), 


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