Luding (Chakzamka) County and Minya Konka With Hailuogou Glacier Park

Luding (Chakzamka, Chagzam) 
Luding Bridge 
Hailougou Valley Glacier 
Yanzigou Valley 
Gonggar Shan (Minya Konka) 
Moxi Town 

Luding (Chakzamka)
Set along the mighty Dadu River, on the east of Mt.Gonggar and at the west food of Erlang Mountain, one county of Ganzi TAP. Here just the beginning to enter China's wild west, the Kham area.
Climate here is mild and the natural resources are abundant. here are tens of minerals including lead, zinc, and gold; kinds of solid granite with hot springs, the springs flow out all the year round with different temperatures from 52*C to 92*C.
There are Mt.Gonggar, the highest mountain in Sichuan, Hailougou Glacier and Forest Park, Yanzi Gully and Erlang Forest Park. Also relics as well as Luding Iron Chain Bridge etc.

Luding Bridge
Luding Bridge, Built in 1750, composed of 13 iron chains, each being 120M in length, with the special structure and unconventional formation. Emperor Kangxi named as "Luding Bridge" and gave the tablet inscription "Uniting the County". The tablet stands at the east end of the bridge. 

Mt.Gonggar Shan (Minya Konka)
Mt.Gongga, alt 7,556M,  is the highest peak of Sichuan Province, called "the king of Shu Mountains". The high and steep mountain is covered forever with thawless snow. If visitors look at the mountain from far, it seems to float above a vast snow-sea. Located at the foot of the snow-peak of Minya Konka, Hailuogou Scenic Spot is celebrated for modern glacier at a height below sea level (most of the glaciers in the world is at a height above sea level). The sparkling modern glacier slides from the high and steep ravine. The quiet mountain ridge is adorned with big snowfall into the crystal domes and jade halls. A huge ice-bridge make the visitors seem to enter the Crystal Palace in a myth. Especially unique large icefall, 1,000 meters in height, over 1,100 meters in breadth. Near the bitterly cold glacier there is a thermal spring maintaining at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and a steaming hot thermal-spring falls. At the same time it is both cold and hot, and its range, of temperature is a great disparity. This is really marvelous spectacle of nature.

Moxi Township
South to the town of Luding, Moxi located at the east slope of Minya Konka. Being on an ancient route, it is encompassed by lofty mountains with a tongu-shaped table carved by the ancient glacier. The total area of this town adds up to be 308.64 Km² with a population of 5600, formed by a complex of 8 different tribes. They are Han, Yi, Tibetan, Tujia and so on. The local tradition & custome are of original & unique. The Moxi Table-land, 0.2-1.2 Km in width, is very special in topography, running lower from north to south at a distance about 10Km like a giant lying dragon zigzagging quietly among the sacred Minya Konka.
In 1935, the famous Battle, Luding suspension bridge, burst out fere during procces of the long March of Red Army. The major force under leadership of Mao Tzetung & Zhe De had been settled in Moxi town. Today, tourists from all over the country come to visit here in honor.
Nowadays, Moxi town is famous for its tranquil & charming natural beauty, unique ethnic tradition & lanes of old taste.

Hailougou Valley Glacier Park
The Park located in the Moxi village of Luding county, Sichuan, 50Km from Luding, one of the main spot of the Mt.Gonggar Scenic Zone. It is typical of its glaciers at lower latitude and altitude (around 2850M above sea level, 1805M lower than the snowline of Minya Konka), together with hot springs and virgin biological environment, with 2km wide and 100-300M high, 14.2km long.
Glacier. This Glacier formaed about 1600years ago, and called "Modern Glaciers" in geology. The Great Ice-Fall forms the main body No.1 glacier of Hailuogou. The immense size and striking scenery of the Great Ice-Fall, with its width in 1100 meters and its height in 1080 meters, have given the birth to the largest Great Ice--Fall both in China and Asia. Here icefall and avalanche burst out frequently and consequently create one of the most spectacular natural wonder in China. When hundreds of thousands of snow plunges from the brink of the Great Ice- Fall, it fills the air with a light blue mist and also sends out an enduring roaras it strikes the bottom. Sightseers can enjoy the great spectacle in the safe area (3 Km away from it) and you will find hard to turn away from. There are 71 glacires, with a total area of 255 Km², in Minya Konka and it forms the massive glacier system in the region of Hengduan Mountains and Eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Among these glaciers, the largest, the longest and the most brilliant one is No.1 Glacier of Hailuogou. It is accessible for climbing up all the year round and is one of the few low-latitude and low-atitude glaciers that already discovered in the world.
. The thermal hotspring hidden in the primitive forests deeply. The boiling mineral water running through Hot Streams all years round. The temperature of those outlets of springs canbe 92c, Scientific analysis shows the springs belong to a high quality mild type and are rich in sodiumbicarbonate that can be properly applied in medical treatment fields. It is suitable for both soaking & drinking while have many magic effects on various kinds of diseases. Up-to- now, there are developed visitors facilities including many spring pools and a outdoor hot spring swimming pool with an area of 200m². Around the springs are thick primitve forests with picturesque sceneries. It's out of word to describe the marvelous feelings while soaking in the pool and enjoying the snowy views around, especially in the winter time.  
Natural Garden & Forests.
It's 6200 meter way up from the entrance to the main peak of Minya Konka and the enormous fall in height formed 8 vegetation zones here as well as the most typical vertically distributing topography in terms of natural resources. The total forest covered area in Hailuogou counts up to 70 Km², where happens to be the most ancient reserve holding the richest primitive bio forms. The thrilling flowers competing in the wild dot Hailuogou into a colorful wonderland. The primitive forests here are a wonderful home of different kinds of rare animals. When summer comes up, you can witness numerous macaca mulatta, red panda, tragopa de mminchii & Tibetan pheasant seeking their food in those primitive forests. So it's famed of the paradise of wild life.
About 2500 species plants centralized here involving subtropical to frigid; and 400 species wild animals with its 28 rare animals protected nationally in this area.. 

Yanzigou Valley
The Yanzi Valley is a counterpart of Hailougou, there are 15 peaks over 5000M, extending along the valley from 2100M up to the peak of Mt.Gonggar which 7556M highest in Sichuan.
There are 7 vengetation zones and 7 climate zones there due to the sharp difference in altitude. Among the unique landscapes and rare wild plants, there are the most precious kind of butterfly and the watering down from Gonggar Springs, with the unique lower-altitude and latitude glaciers with different sharpes such as ice lakes, ice springs, ice bridges, ice covered rivers, as well as a large area of forest with colorful leaves.

Located at the foot of and the northern slope of  Mt.Minya Konka, lies at the upper reaches of Yajiageng River. Since the Tang and the Song Dynasties, it has been called "Tangfan Ancient Road" or "Yingpan Ancient Road" for its important passage from the inland to Tibet. Hence, Yajiageng showed a strong historic and mysterious character. It is also a scenic corridor linking Hailuogou with Mt.Paomashan. There are gorgeous stone banks, virgin forest, alms, and lakes on highland and colorful azaleas.


Altitude (M) 1000-1600 2000-2400 3100-3500 4200-4600
Jan (C) 9.0-9.5 2.0-0.0 -4--6 -10.0--11.5
Jul(C) 2.4-21.0 19.0-16.0 11.5-8.5 4.0-1.5
Jun-Sep(C) 22.0-18.5 17.0-13.5 9.5-7.0 3.0-0.8
Annual(C) 18-1.3 10.5-8.0 3.0-0.8 -3.5--6.0

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