Lithang Banden Tubchen Choklorling Monastery & Horse Race Festival

Lithang Gaocheng town 
Lithang Horse Race Festival  & Mola Grassland
GeNye Holy Mountain  & Lenggu Monastery
Lithang Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling Monastery
White Pagoda 
Lithang Gaocheng town 

Located at the edge of a wide expanse of grassland--Mola Grassland, with green rolling hills and the vivid blue of the sky as a backdrop, snowcapped peaks, and fortress-like Tibetan homes, a traffic hub as road crossed here, one is Sichuan-Tibet southern highway. Alt 4014M, 285km to Kangding, 654km to Chengdu, and it's opened to foreigners in 1999.
Town life center around the Lithang Monastery. Khampas here dressed in yak skin coats, bedecked in colorful necklaces and hair ornaments, long daggers hanging from their belts.
The sites and scenery as: Genye Holy mountain with Lengu (Lhagon) Monastey, Mola grassland with herders scarttered, and Lithang Monastery with many activities all year round, and hosting horse race festival every year. And "Rijiaojie" festival will be held from 11May to 16May for Tibetan Opera

Lithang Horse Race Festival & Mola Grassland

Every year from 01Aug to 08Aug, The Lithang Horse Race Festival will be held in Mola Grassland,  Lithang,  families, men, and women gather to compete in horsemanship, trade, and simply enjoy themselves,over 10000 khampas dressed in colorful traditional clothing and ornaments, take part in the festival,  about 2000 horsemen race against each other, showing acrobatics as they ride. Activities as Yak racing, stunt riding, archery, as well as folk dancing and singing fill of your eyes and ears. And also you can enjoy the trading fair for buying the locals your interesting.

GeNye Holy Mountain Lenggu Monastery 

Genye Holy mountain located at the southern of Lithang Gaocheng Town, it's peak about 6204M, at the foot of mountain is Kagyupa sect monastery - Lenggu Monastery, and many animals, plants, lakes in Genye Mountain area.

Lithang Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling Monastery 

This monastery established in 1580 by the 3rd Dalai Lama, 30minitues on foot from Gaocheng town,  is a huge complex building, consists of two temples such as lower one and higher one temple, ever being Benbo sect monastery, and later to be Gelugpa sect monastery, now houses about 1400 Yellow hat sect monks, and it's ever re-built after being destroyed in 1950s, recent restoration took about 10years. It is one of the 3bigest Monasteries out of TAR.


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