Kangding Dartsendo Horse Race Tour & Tagong Monatery in Grassland

Kangding (Dartsendo) Lucheng town  &  Paomo Mountain  
Xinduqiao Township  
Tagong (Lhagang) Grassland & Monastery With Buddhism Institute 
Princess Bridge 
Mogetso (Mugecuo) Lake 
Wanglang Village 
Monastery & Temple 
Bamei (Garther)
Kangding (Dartsendo) Lucheng Town Paomo Mountain 

Located in a narrow gorge along the raging Zheduo River (Cheto Chu), Alt 2560M, 366km to Chengdu. This is the traffic hub between Sichuan & Tibet, a gathering place for the traders and transportation, the door to Tibet. And high way constructed well from Chengdu to Kangding now, and Dartsendo is the Ganzi TAP seat, play important role in Ganzi TAP culture, economics, and traffics. Kangding famous for its sing of "The Love Song of Kangding" and Paomashan Fair. And little far away, there are Yulongxi (Western Yulong) Grassland and many springs such as Erdaoqiao springs around, and the lower Gongga Monastery located at Liuba village, Kangding.
Paoma Shan at northern outskirts of Kangding, alt 2700M, Trekking around the Holy mountain festival and International Paomashan Mountain Fair are held annually on 08April (Chinese Calender), and there is a simple Tibetan style Buddihst temple for visitors's pilgrimage. 

Xinduqiao Township  

Xinduqiao, or Xindu Bridge town, Heaven of photographers once there was a photographer who would be there every year for photographing. About 76km from Kangding, alt 3460M. Juli Monastery hold the unique Muya Tibetan Opera Performance every year(start 28Jun, lasting 3days).

Tagong (Lhagang) Grassland & Monastery With Buddhism Institute 

Tagong township, located to the northwest of Kangding (Dartsendo), 113km to Kangding, Alt 3700M. It's a vast expanse of green meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dotted with Tibetan herdsmen and tents. The annual Horse Race Festival be held at the beginning of the 8th lunar month in Tagong grassland. There are Tagong Grassland, Tagong Monastery (Lhagong temple), Tagong Pagoda Stupa, Yala Snow-capped Montain, Tagong Buddhism College  etc around. 
Tagong Monastery, built during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to commemorate the Han Priincess Wencheng and Phagspa, the Grand State Tutor of Tibetan Buddhism with Buddhism Institute inside, also named as "the small Lhasa Jokhang Monastery", is one of the 108 temples built suring the reign of Songtse Gampo in ancient Tibetan times. There is a sacred statue of 12-year old sakyamuni (Buddha) in the monastery which have been brought by Pincess Wenchen on her way to Lhasa. It collects statues, white towers, other cultural artiacts, and scriptures of the Sakya Buddhist sect. This temple is distinctive for its four towers painted green, red, yellow and white respectively. There is a big Buddha Event about 3days around the 30June in Tibetan Calender every year.  About 100 chortens lies behind the Tagong monastery.
Princess Bridge 

A stone bridge accrose Zheduo Riber at 1km to Knagding, built for Princess Wencheng to Tibet, and re-constructed in 1997 with ethnic patterns carved flowers and figures, and dragons as well.. 

Mogetso (Mugecuo) Lake Scenic Area

Location about 26km to the Kangding, in Yala village, alt from 2900-3800M, about 500 sq km, many lakes and hot springs scattered around. This scenic consists of Azalea gorge, Seven Color Sea, fragrant Grass Lawn, Medical Boiling Pool, Wild Man Sea, Black Sea Lake and Red Sea Grassland.
Wild Ox Valley & Wanglang Village 

Wanglang Village, located in the Kongyu Xiang (township), Kangding county, at the folwer covered branch valley beside the Dapusa (Big Buddha) Mountain pass by the Dadu river, about 100km from Kangding (first east then north direct along Dadu river), is a natural scenic site for you to explore and trek with horse race 2-7days pre night in tent beside campfire.  
Yeniugou (Wild Ox Valley), about 126km from Kangding, leis in Kongyu township, with length 30km, and 20sq kms of primitive forests and natural grassland, 310 lakes and 15 waterfalls, with many rare wild animals and plants.

Monastery & Temple 

Kangding formerly has 7 monasteries: 3 Nyingma, 2 Sakya and 2 Geluk. 
The ever largest Ngachu Gonpa, founded by Minyakpa Temple Nyima in the 17th century as a branch of Drepung Losaling College. The monastery once had over 100monks.
Anjue Lamasery and the Nanwu Lamasery, both belong to the Geluk (Yellow hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Nanwu is bigger structure that houses about 90monks, Anjue is older, built in 1652 under the direction of the 5th Dalai Lame on his back to Tibet from Beijing.
Gao'er monastery (Kazhi Gonpa), about 5hours by bus from Kangding towards Yajiang direction, about 1km on the left at the pass after Xinduqiao town.
Mosque, Located at the Dongda Jie street, clost to the Hui school, for Hui people living there.
Catholic Church, located Yanhedong road, built in 1997.


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