Daocheng Dabpa -- the last Shangri-la
Haizi & Yading Nature Reserve

Daocheng (Dabpa in Tibetan, or Daoba in old Chinese) County is mountains region in the south of Ganzi TAP, Sichuan, across 27.58-29.30 north latitudes and 99.56-100.36 east latitudes, 174km from the south to the north and 63km from the west to the east, covers an area of 7323sq kms. The county town -- Jinzhu town, lies on the south bank of the Daocheng river (Daochu or Daohe, Balongchu), a tributary of the Yangtse. And there all mountains have a religious connection in the eyes of local Tibetan residents. With the oldest culture in its own isolating area, there are 14monateries with all sects of Tibetan Buddhism such as The original Bon, Nyingma (Red) sect, Geluk (Yellow) sect, Sakya (Variegated) sect and Kagyupa (White) sect, Kahdam sect. And the most important monasteries are Xiongdeng Monastery (Yangteng Gompa or Xiongden Lamasery) and Kungaling monastery.
800Km to Chengdu and 20hours by bus. All other kms as follow: Lithang-Docheng, 150Km about 4-5hours; Xinduqiao-Daocheng 360km about 9hours; Daocheng-Yajiang 290Km about 7hours; Daocheng-Riwa village 110Km about 3.5-5hours; Riwa-Yading 20km trekking or horse riding, and road constructed but not better; Riwa-Chonggu Monastery 30km; Riwa-Luorong 40Km; Chonggu Monastery-Luorong 2.5km trekking only or horse riding.
As the weather, average temperature 4.2*C, rainy season from June to Sep, dry season from Oct to May (next year) ,  windy season from Feb to Mar, and Apr & May dry with sunny. The better tour season from May to Aug and Oct to Nov. The average tempreature as: Jan -5.9, Feb -3.6, Mar 0.3, Apr 4.4, May 9.2, Jun 11.5, Jun 11.9, Aug 11.1, Sep 9.7, Oct 5.2, Nov -0.6, Dec -4.7.
Altitude as(M):  Daocheng county seat 3740, Haizishan Pass 4602, Sumdo 3825, Yading village 4060, Chonggu Monastery 3880, Xiongdeng Monastery 4105, Riwa (Shangri-la) village 2980, Xinyicuo Lake 4420, Axi village 3540, Gongling Monastery 3335.

The best hotel in Jinzhu township is 3* Yading hotel. And in Jinzhu township, all washing water is from the hot spring. 

Sumdo (Sangdui or Samdo) & Sera (Sela) township
28km to the county town, beside of the Daocheng river. There is a turn-off: one to Xiangcheng if turn western and other entering Daocheng if eastern. The valley abounds in rhododendrons, buttercups, peonies and daisies, and the village houses are of sturdy stone building. A little way south of the town, lies Kagyu sect Drigong (Zhigong) monastery with 3 stupas. And you can enjoy the fairyland scenery from Samdo township to Sera village, with stream & river flows slowly along the Panghe River Scenic Area, herdsmen beside river, villages and Tibetan houses dotted at both the bank of river and the stream, many photographers have been attracted to be there by the scenery of willow in both bank water and morning  soft sunlight.

Monasteries in Daocheng 
Sites and Scenery in Daocheng (Dabpa)


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