Bathang County and Xiaqiong Town in Gartse

Xuanzi Dance 
Cuopu Lake 

Bathang is the birthplace of Chinese Xuanzi Dance, in may, 1988, it was titled "Home of Chinese Xuanzi Dance" by Chinese Culture Ministry. Batang Xuanzi is unique, graceful, and is a miraculous flower of Kham songs and dances.

Cuopu Lake
Cuopu Lake in bathang is called a pearl in big Shangri-la, about 120km from Bathang county seat. As a typical lake in high mountains, the surrounding snow mountains, forests, and grassland make it look more sacred and mysterious. The terrestrial heat resources are very rich in Cuopu Gully. There are hot springs rising several meters along the way. In addition, what make the area look more mysterious are the peculiar feature of Bathang, and the mysterious Cuopu Lamasery in the gully.


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