Palyul & Kagtuo Monastery in Baiyu County

Palyu (Baiyu) monastery 
Kagtuo (Gatuo) monastery 
Zhama monastery  
Palyu (Baiyu) monastery

Baiyu monastery, located the northern slope of Baiyu county seat, is one of the Nyingmapa sect monastery, built in 1675 by Lhachen Jampa Phuntsog. Baiyu monastery has series of branch monasteries & researching institutes all over the world.

Kagtuo (Gatuo, or Katok) monastery 

Gatuo monastery, Kagtuo gompa  in Tibetan, located in Hepo village, Baiyu county, Sichuan, was built in 1162 (another say in 1132), was the 1st lamasery in Kham area, covers about 1sq km, 
It belonged to the Dege clan and still is one of the six major monasteries of Nyingmapa (Red) Sect. And its affiliated temples scattered in Gansu, Sichuan, TAR, Qinghai and Yunan, abroad in India, Bhutan and Mongolia etc as well.

Zhama monastery

A small monastery close to the relic of Shama Kingdom in Shama village, Baiyu.


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