Palpung Pewar & Dzongsar Monastery Dege County

Palpung Monastery 
Pewar (Baiya) Monastery 
Zhongsha (Dzongsar) Monastery 
Zhuqing (Dzogchen  or Deogchen) Monastery 
Gengqing Monstery 
Tongtong Monastery 
Dengqing Monastery 
Yazer Monastery 
Manchen Monastery
Other Sightseeing and Attractives in Dege

In Dege, there are  monasteries including 5 mains Sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Palpung Monastery 

Babang monastery, Beh-bung genpa or Palpung Gompa in Tibetan, located a hillside close to Babang village with altitude of 3900M, is the largest and most important Kagyupa (White) sect monatery in the region with about more than 800 years old. It's known locally as the "Little Potala Palace".
The main structure about 24M high, 3 stories, affiliated 3 Buddhism Institues and it's own printing house, and it's branch monastery about 108 temples scattered in India, Bhutan, Nepal etc.
Palpung makes a great base for exploring the neighborhood with its Buddhism college.

Zhuqing Monastery

Zhuqing monastery, Dzogchen Gompa in Tibetan, located at 1km of the south of Gengda village, Zhuqing town, in the Rudam Valley, altitude about 3980M. It is one of the six main seats of the Nyingmapa sects, established in 1684 in eastern Tibet, it was ever a center of scholarship and spiritual practice, Dzochen had been the home to many great masters, such as Dzogchen Patrul Rinpoche, author of the famous text "The Words of My Perfect Teacher", and many scholars such as Khempo Shenga Rinpoche.  And the lamasery was re-built in South India in the late 1950s, and there it contunies to uphold the unique spiritual and cultural traditions. Its affiliated temples about 200 monasteries scattered in China and abroad. It is the origins of Tibetan Opers of Gesar, this opera started performance in 1870.

Gengqing Monstery 

Located in Gengqing town, Derge, Sichuan, was built by the Dege clan, with more than 300monks, Saturdaykyapa Sect..

Pewar Monastery

Houses the finest set of Buddhist murals in western Sichuan, its main temple, built in the time of King Tenpa Tsering (1678-1738), constitues the largest single room in the complex and houses the most important collection of paintings.

Zhongsha Monastery 

Zhongsha Monastery is a Sakyapa monastery, and also called Dzongsar monastery in Tibetan, loacated in Derge county, Sichuan, close to Palpung monastery, trek about 7hours to Palpung monastery. During 1908 to 1959, Zhongsha monastery ever became a center of the rime or non-sectarian approach to the study and practice of Buddhism. And now Zhongsha monastery is very active, and entirely rebuilt in recent years, about 250monks in it for Buddhism and Education in it's Buddhism College.
Building in Zhongsha monastery is a large complex of temples and monks' quarters perched on a steep cliff, full of the entire valley with rich farmland. Below it is the charming village named Meisu.
Zhongsha monastery owns series of  branches and sub-branches  monasteries all over the world and Zhongsha Buddhism  Colleges as well.
For it's tour arranged as in 19days tour


Tongtong Monastery 
A small, old temple that miraculously escaped destruction during the Culture Revolution.
Dengqing Monastery

Located in Xiongtuo village, Zhongzhake town, Dege County, other name as Dichen or Dingqing monastery, is the eailist Benbo sect monastery in Kham, about more than 1200 year old, and it has the highest education system of Benbo sect in Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan. Holds a test every year..


Yazer Monastery 

A small monastery in Manigange town.


Manchen Monastery 

A small monastery close to Meisu village (below Palpung monastery)

Gengsha Monastery

Built in 1654, Gelukpa sect. 

Other Monasteries
Xieqin Monastery, Chacha Monastery, Oqi Monastery, Menzha Monastery, Lajia Monastery, Yaose Monastery, Gongya Monastery, Yinnan Monastery etc.


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