Festival List for Tibetan area 

Ganzi Khampa Festivals List 
China Khampa Culture & Art Festival 
Qinghai & Yushu Festivals List 
Xiahe Festivals List 
Tibetan Festivals List

Aba Festival in Sichuan 

Ganzi Khampa Festivals List
County & Location Festival Date (to start) Duration (days)
Kangding Hill race & Loving song festival 08Apr CC  3
Tanggong grassland, Kangding Horse Race feistival 15May CC 1
Danba Gyarong Beauty festival 01Oct
Danba (Yuezha Town) Pilimarage to Holy Mt.Molto  10Jul CC 10-20
Danba New Year's Day of Gyarong Tibetan 12Nov CC 3
Jiulong (Wuxu Lake) Sea-swin (Lake-siding) festival 4June CC 3
Daofu (Xianshui Town) Anba festival 13May TC  3
Daofu (Longding Town) Horse Race fair 13May TC 3
Daofu (Yuke Grassland) Horse Race Fair 13May TC 3
Luhe Fruit-seeing festival 19Jun CC 3
Xinlong Guozhuang festival 02Aug 1-3
Ganzi Autumn-welcome festival beginning of July CC 7
Sheda Golden horse festival 04Jun TC 3
Sheda King Gesar's Singing Festival 08Aug TC 1-3
Lithang Horse Race festival 01Aug 10
Lithang Rijiaojie (Day festival)for Tibetan Opera 6days (from 11May)
Dege (Manigange) King Gesar's Art Festival Aug 3
Dege Yanglie Festival 01Jul TC 1-3
Daocheng (Dabpa) Guden festival Begin of Jul
Yading, Daocheng Yading folklore festival 01Oct
Xiangcheng Bamu Mountain festival
Shampala Culture & Art festival
Begin of Oct 3
Siguniangshan, Xiaojing Mountain race festival (14May)
Yajiang (Xi-Ele town) Weisam Festival July 3-7
Bathang (Cuopu Valley) Cuopugou Feistival Jul 10
Bathang Bathang Yanglie Festival Sep 8


Qinghai & Yushu Festivals List
Name Place WC CC TC Activity 2004
Monlam Kumbum
14Jan Dance Kam 04Feb 22Feb start at 12:00
Monlam above 15Jan Butter sculpture show  05Feb 23Feb Start at 17:00
Monlam above 14Apr Dance kam 01Jun 21May after 12:00
Monlam above 15Apr Sunning Buddha,
 dance kam
02Jun 22May 08:00-10:10
after 12:00
Monlam above 07Jun Sunning Buddha,
 dance kam
23Jul 12Jul 08:00-10:10
after 12:00
Monlam above 08Jun ,Turning golden Buddha
 dance kam
24Jul 13Jul 08:00 start
Monlam above 22Sep Worshiping Buddha 04Nov 24Oct full day
Monlam above 23Sep Dance kam 05Nov 25Oct after 12:00
Horse Race Yushu 25Jul-
Horse race, singing, dancing, fashion show
Monlam or Liuyuehui Tongren* Jul-Aug 16-25
Mask dance, celebrating harvests, 
Religion activities Tongren* Feb 05-16
mozai, sunning Buddha
Tongren*, various activity be held in different village and monastery: such as Wutun monastery (upper or lower), Longwu monastery etc.  

Traditional & Ethnic Festival in Huzhu county area for Tu people in Qinghai:
14-15Jan (CC), sunning Buddha, dance, lantern show etc in Weiyuan town and Wushi village; 
01-03Feb(CC), Bangbanghui, mask dance in Donggou village and Hua'er hui singing in Weiyuan town;
03Mar(CC), Bangbanghui, Mask dance in Donggou village;
18Mar(CC),  Egg hui, mask dance and egg attack in Danma village;
08Apr(CC), Bangbang fair, mask dance in Dongshan village;
06Jun(CC), Hua'er hui singing in Weiyuan town and Wufeng monastery;
11Jun-15Jun in Danma village, and 13-17Jun in Donghe village, Hua'er singsing festival and marketing fair;

Tibetan Festivals list 
Name place activities TC 2004
Duration (Days)
Tibetan New Year (Losar) Tashi Delek 01Jan 21Feb 09Feb 3-5
Monlam Great Prayer Festival Lhasa New year ceremonies 08-15Jan 28Feb-07Mar 16-25Feb 8
Butter Lamp Festival :Lhasa Butter sculptures & lamp exhibition 15Jan 06Mar 23Feb 1
Saga Dawa Lhasa 15Apr 03Jun 23May 1
Gyantse Horse Race Festival Gyantse Horse race, singing, dance Jun Jun 2weeks
Nachu Horse Race Festival Nachu horse race, singing , dance 10-16Aug 10-16Aug 7
Shoton Festival Lhasa Thangka shown or sunning in monatery, Tibetan opera 01Jul 15-22Aug 03-10Sep 8

Festival list for Xiahe Labrang Monastery
Name CC Activities 2004
Monlam 04Jan 25Jan 12Feb
Monlam 13Jan Sunning Buddha 03Feb 21Feb
Monlam 14Jan Dance kam 04Feb 22Feb
Monlam 15Jan Butter Sculptures shown 05Feb 23Feb
Monlam 08Jul
Xianglang & Langshan festival 01-29Jul Folks activitiese
Festival in Aba Sichuan

Int'l Panda festival, be held in Sep every year.

Molang festival, a religion and traditional festival, also called Monlam, be held from 03Jan to 16Jan (CC), and 15Jan held the best activity.

View flower festival, the time not sure, but usually between Jun and Sep, be held in all villages and towns in Gyarong Tibetan area, lasting about 10days in the wild by setting up tent with horse riding.

Yatun festival, be held in Zo'ergai area, between Jun and Aug,  congratulation coming of summer with dance and singing.

Yak culture festival, be held in July , with many activities such as yak race, horse race, clothing, dance, dinging beside the tent in grassland. 

Xianglong festival, be held in Hongyuan, all villages and towns, in Jul or Aug, dance, singing, clothing etc for days beside the tent.

Zangpala festival, be held in Rangtang 18Aug, activity as most festival in Aba area.

Huanglong temple fair, be held 15Jun (CC) in Huanglong, lasting from 12Jun to 16Jun.


 Note: All above adjusted without prior notice; WC--Weatern Calendar; CC--Chinese Calendar; TC--Tibetan Calendar

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