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Information to China Kham & Khampa Tibetan 

Brief Introduction to Kham

   As its known, U-tibetan (Bopa), Khampa Tibetan, Gyarong Tibetan & Amdo Tibetan are 4 parts of Tibetan.
    Normally, Kham is not a political concept, but a concept in  region and cultural. In general and  geographical, it consists of 4parties such as Changdu (Chandom) in TAR, Diqin (Dechen) in Yunnan, Ganzi (Kartse) in Sichuan and Yushu (Jyekundo)  in Qinghai. In this area, living Khampas People with the similar and unique culture such as clothing, dancing, marriage etc due to the reason of geography and history.
    But in this page, geographically,  it includes Gyarong & Amdo area such as  Aba in Sichuan,  Xiahe area in Gansu and Amdo area in Qinghai

China Khampa Cultural & Art Festival
Hitory & Brief Introduction   Time & Duration    Schedule & Activity  Tour Itinerary
2004` Khampa International Carnival
China Tibetan Style Wedding Ceremony Service Tour in Kangding (Dartsendo) Ganzi (Kartse) Sichuan
21Jan-28Jan/2004 Hailougou

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Tempreture & Altitude

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Festivals list in Tibetan Area

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