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Karub Ruins & others around. 
Located in Karub Village, Gyika Township, about 12km southeast of the seat of Qamdo county. The Karub Ruins, alt 3100meters, is one of the three largest primeval cultural ruins in Tibet and from the New Stone Age, with 4000-5000 years history, an area of 10,000 square meters. This ruins displaying the ancient civilization created by Chinese ancestors in the Lancangjiang river range. 
The Lessor Enda Site about 20km from the County seat, is later than the Karub ruins and about 3700years history, and belong to the same cultural sphere, the culture it represents is obviously more progressive than the Karrub.

Garxue rock paintings
The Garxue rock paintings in Baxoi county (5km to Basum seat), 123km south of Chamdo Town, showing battles fought in ancient times between tribes, as well as hunting activities.
The Xiangpi stone coffin tomb in Gongjo is an important site in east Tibet, excavated about 2200 years ago.

Basum (Ranwu) Lake 
There are many hot springs and lakes in Chamdo Prefecture, Rontso Lake in Geguan township, Basum county; Basum Lake; Boto lake in Dingqing county (2 lakes, or sister lakes).
And Basum Lake, located in high mountain range about alt 3807meters, 90km to Basum County seat. The lake formed by ancient glaciers dam, with it length 26km and width 1-5km. The water is quite clear and rejected the snow-capped mountains around, and forests around as well. An island and  a monastery in the middle lake. And Lagu Glacier reached to the north shore.

Holy Mountains
Historical records in Tibetan show that there are 25 holy mountains in the Kham area, most of them located in Chamdo: the Senqen Namzha mountain in Gyamda, the Chawarong mountain in Zogang and Bazoi, the Bona mountian in Riwoche, the Namkaze mountain in Basum. 
And 18 precipitious mountains in the kham area, Gobu in Chamdo is outstanding, the Zehol mountain in Dengchen is the holy place of the Bon believers, the Deqen Phadrang mountain in Riwoche, the Gorbo Baizong mountain in Gyamda, the Dainda mountain in Palbar, the Zongri mountain in Gongjoj, the Xalairi mountain in Lholung, the Baixi mountain in Chamdo and the Bagyi mountain in Basum.


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