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Hitory & Brief Introduction
      Days around 01Aug every year, Horse Race will be held as a traditional events in Tibetan area. And the Kangba (Khampa) Tibetan area such as Chamdo in Tibet, Yushu in Qinghai, Diqin in Yunnan and Ganzi in Sichuan, basis of the Horse Race, unit to hold the Kangba Cultural & Art Festival in turns every 3 years.
      1st Khampa Cultural & Art Festival held in Yushu (Jyekundo) 1994, 2nd in Diqin 1997, 3rd in Changdu (Chamdo) 2000, and the 4th will be in Ganzi (Garze) in 2003 (postponed to 2004 due to the SARS).
A camp base will be built up for the festival on the grassland. Khampa Art Festival is the largest and spectaculars in Kham area, this festival is actually three events in one: 1st, itís a classic Khampa Horse Festival and a dance competition among troupes arrayed in regional finery; 2nd, itís an arts and crafts festival; 3rd, itís a trade fair, with items of every description offered in temporary shops within the sprawling tent city. And itís all under blue sky dotted with white clouds, flowers are in full blossom in the wild grasslands with light wind, nomadic herders in finery gather from all sirections, some riding horse with yak. They racing horse, sing, dance and drink qingke wine for days running with snoe-capped mountains skirted by pure rivers in the distance, as well as materials exchange each other.

 Time & Duration of China Khampa Culture & Art Festival
From Jul to Aug, lasting 7days around.

It be held separately turning from Yushu (Jyekundo) in Qinghai, Chandom in Tibet, Dechen in Yunnan and Ganzi in Sichuan every 3years.

Tour Itinerary (Reference only) & Schedule & Activity of Kham Festival
Day01, Be there for night.
Day02, Enjoy the Opening Ceremony of the Festival in the morning, and enjoy the Khampa's dance and singing in color clothes in the afternoon.(B/L/D)
Day03, Enjoy the festivals full day.(B/L/D)
Day04, Back or to other place for next visiting.(B)

Many small-size horse race festivals will be held in almost all counties even township in Khampa area from May to Oct every year, dance & singing in fashion clothes with tent camp dotted in grassland.


2004` Khampa International Carnival  

The 1st Khampa International Carnival  will be held in Hailougou from 21Jan to 28Jan 2004 by Ganzi government, and series gala nights such as Bathang Xuanzi gala night, Ganzi Dita dance gala night, Xinlong Guozhuang gala night, Danba Beauty girls gala night, Dege Hero gala night etc  follows the opening ceremony on 21Jan.
If enjoy this carnevale, then please mail us for arrangment.


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