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1, Choice and tell us: the climbing tour code and date for the day01, the flight and date of your arrival in China; 2,  Tell us:  members in your party, name list for all members (full name, sex, date of birth, occupation, nationality, passport number, experience of climbing and mountain name with its altitude, experience be trained in mountaineering); 3, body weight, body height, body health condition etc, body healthy certificate,  something about your body; 4, equipment list; 6, special request and interesting, anything be told us; 7, contact person and way of contacting in case urgently; 8, your contacting information: phone, mobile, email, msn, address etc; 9, once we receive above information, then we will make rough arrangement, and apply the permit for climbing; 10, if permit available and arrangement available too, then we will inform of your full payment to the account of our Corp; 11, once your payment reach into our account fully, then we will make conformation to the climbing tour; 12, all arrangement can be adjusted due to the weather and any other reason, and cost from this delay will be shared by all members; 13, you must buy a insurance for your body and luggage  in your country; 14, you must sign a paper states that you recognize the risk of mountaineering, and no any indemnity from our Corp.; 15, if you failed attack the summit successfully, no any refund to you; 16, Booked trip cancelled by you, then no refund to you due to any reason; 17, All schedule and itinerary just for your reference only.


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