2012 2013 Mountaineering Expedition Trip to China for Climbing Mountain Peak and Ice & Rock Tour

Reservation & Book for Ice & Rock Mountain tour
Latest Mountaineering Plan in China   
And ice climbing arranged for
Climb.dk Shuangqiao valley.
Background information of Ice climbing in Shuangqiao Shuangqiaogou valley  

Code Itinerary & Peak Activity Basic Cost Full Cost Place Days
MT-EVT-001 Expedition Qomolongma Mt.Everest 8848M Guaranteed climbing to 8848 if with good enough body and full experiences! Mt   65000 Tibet 50+
MT-EVT-001 Train Training program for climbing Mt.Everest 8848 Training   14200 Tibet 17
MT-NMY-001 Guila Mandate (Namnayi 7694M) Climb Tour Mt   47000 Tibet 31
MT-COY-001  Climb Choyu (Qoyu Wag or Cho-Oyu 8201M) mountaineering tour Mt   48000 Tibet 33
MT-SXPM-001 Shishapangma Mountaineering (8027M) Tour Mt   48000 Tibet 34
MT-Mztg-001 Muztag expedition (7509  7546M) Mt   24500 Xinjiang 24
MT-Xbd-001 Climbing Xuebaoding Mountain(5588M) Mt   14500 Sichuan 15
MT-Chola-001  Climb Cholashan (Quer Que'er Shan, or Chola Mountain 6168M) Mt   16300 Sichuan 17
MT-Gongga-001 Mountianeering Minya Konka (Gongga 7556M) Mountain Mt   66800 Sichuan 45
MT-Banjf-001 Climb Banjifeng Peak for Mountaineer Climbing Mt   12600 Sichuan 11
MT-Signs-001 Mountaineering Siguniangshan (4girls mountain 6250M)  Mt   13200 Sichuan 7
IC-Signs-010 Ice climbing in Siguniangshan Ice   2680 Sichuan 7
IC-Signs-012 Ice climb in shuangqiaogou Siguniang mountain fixed departure in 2010 - 2011 winter season Ice   3200 Sichuan 11
RC-Signs-020 Rock climbing in Siguniangshan Rock   1560 Sichuan 5
RC-Signs-022 Rock climb in Shuaqiao vallery Siguniang mountain Rock   2380 Sichuan 10

To meet your expedition in China: we arrange Basic Service Cost climbing tour for your team with logistical support service such as transportation, liaison, permit & registration, accommodation, some meals, translator etc; and as well we organize Full Package Service Cost climbing tour (or union team between Chinese and foreigners) to climb with both climbing leader, climbing guide, coordination and local assistant, high assistant. Anyway the accurate cost and service just in it's page. (Quotation in Caps just for join local group)

Most of the climbing trip needs your certain skills, just e-mail us: your expedition experience and climbing resume. Also the duration time of climbing just to be estimated, if actually shorter than estimated then without any refund; if actually longer than estimated then cost your extra.

We have succeed in organization and arrangement of climbing Chola Mountain (6168M)  in Aug 2004, Sep 2005. 2006, 2007.

If need mountaineering other peaks in China, just mail us. 
All information for your reference only and subject to change and confirmed from us.
All mountaineering must under China Regulation and stand the risk from God.
All mountaineering quotation exclude the body insurance, you'd better buy the body insurance in your country.


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