Ice Climbing in Shuangqiaogou Shuangqiao Valley Siguniangshan Sichuan China

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Ice climbing in Shuangqiao Shuangqiaogou Valley 7 days
Ice climbing in Shuangqiaogou Shuangqiao valley 11days

Back ground information on Ice Climbing in Shuangqiaogou Shuangqiao Valley, Siguniangshan.

Siguniangshan, oriental alps,  is the best ice climbing area in China, Siguniangshan is the paradise of ice climbing in China, every year in winter, the state Ice Climbing team will practice ice climbing in Siguniangshan. In Siguniangshan Mountain, Shuangqiaogou Valley is the best valley for climber to climb ice, and Changpinggou Valley is the better one valley for climber to climb ice.

1, You must apply the permit to be there for climbing.
2, Best time to Ice Climb, Dec to Mar, and best place in Shuangqiao Valley, better in Changping Valley.
3, Usually about 10`C in day time in winter.
4, 120 of Ice Walls in Siguniangshan, and 60-70 of them in Shuangqiao Valley, from 60 to 500 meter in height; from 1 to 30meters in width; as well as from WI2 to WI7 M8.
5, Only about 5000meters mountains in Shuanqiao Valley, and 34Km for Shuangqiao Valley in length.
6, In general, the Ice Walls divided into 7 areas.
7, And 6 of Ice Walls for example as follow(name just for reference, not fixed till now)
A, Lower Nianyuba Ice Wall, about 60meters in height,WI4+: 1st scetion 30 meters, WI4+, Ice Pillar route, 2nd section 15meters, WI2, soft slope, 3rd section 15meters, WI3+--WI4. Sun light 09:00-11:00.
B, Renshenguoping Ice Wall, about 180meters in height. 1st section, 40M, WI3, 1-15meters in width, thin wall; 2nd, 60M, WI2, 20-40M in width, soft slope; 3rd, 60M, WI3; 4th, 20M, WI4+.
C, Upper Xueshan Laowu Ice Wall, winds hard, cold, 2 ice pillars from 60 to 70 meters in height. one on the left: 1st section about 20M, WI3; 2nd, 40M, WI4+. Another on the right: 1st, 30M, WI3, good ice; 2nd, 30M, WI4+.
D, Lower Xueshan Laowu Ice Wall, 500M in height, no sun light: 1st, 150M, WI2-WI3-, soft slope; 2nd, 50M, with both WI3+ (30M) and WI5(20M, ice pillar); 3rd, 200M, WI2-Wi3+.
E, Wuseshanzhuang Ice Wall (N31`02`47.0`, E102`47`13.3`, 3365M), 60M in height. 1st, 20M, WI2+; 2nd,40M, WI4-WI4+
F, Upper Nianyuba (N31`09`19.8'';E102`45`38.2''; 3633M),120M+ in height, WI3-WI4.
8, The difficult ice falls located at about Shaji Forest area, about WI6 and above.
9, The difficult ice wall as Bragon Breath with 320 meters in length with WI7 M8. 
Above for your reference only.

Weather in Siguniangshan (average)
Mounth 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Temperature `C -2 1 4 6.5 9.8 11 13 12.6 11.2 6.3 2 -1.8
Rainfall MM 5 8 18 60 140.2 170 160 170 115.3 80.2 19.2 8.5


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