Mountaineering & From Chengdu to Climb Minya Konka Gonggashan Mountain in Sichuan China

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Tour Code: MT-Gongga-001

Day01, Beijing-Chengdu by flight, and transfer to gathering hotel.
Day02, Chengdu-Kangding
Day03, Kangding--Liuba (3860M)
Day04, Liuba-Zimei.
Day05, Zimei--Gongga Gompa (3741M).
Day06, Rest or training.
Day07, Gongga Monastery-BC(4400-4200M).
Day08, Rest or training..
Day09, BC--C1(4500-4700M)--BC.
Day10, BC--C1.
Day11, C1--C2(4900-5200M)--C1.
Day12, C1--C2--C1.
Day13, C1--C2.
Day14, C2--C3(5800-6100M)--C2, divide as 2 teams.
Day15, C2--C3.
Day16, C3.
Day17, C3.
Day18, C3--AC (6700-6800M)
Day19, AC.
Day20, AC.
Day21, AC--Attack Top(7556M)--AC.
Day22, AC--Attack Top--AC.
Day23, AC--Attack Top--AC.
Day24, AC--C3.
Day25, C3--C2.
Day26, C2--C1.
Day27, C1--BC--Gongga Monastery.
Day28, BC--Kangding.
Day29, Kangding--Chengdu.
Day30, Leave from Chengdu.
And about 10-15days in BC area for the good weather

Minya Konka Montain is very very difficult to climb, group members better as 20 persons, divided into 4teams as: 2 teams for climbing, 1 team for supporting, 1 team for logistics; And preparation to do such as transportation, camping, tracking or trailing, dig ice hole, and have a rest of course; You'd better keep 2-3 days more in Chengdu in case if needs more days due to weather.

Better season for climbing: May

Full Package Cost:(Per Person in USD)

Included: Mountaineering registration & park entrance fee, liaison, translator, round way transportation for all passengers (climber, assistant) and equipment between BC and Chengdu with both accommodation and meals, radio communication, environment protection fee, horses, group climbing equipment and camping tents, climbing guide and leadership, all camping food, communication radio, oxygen(4bottle) with mask,  climbing assistant.
Excluded: a'tickets, personal climbing equipment, medical examination, sleeping bag, cost if urgent, any other service not included above.

All above subject to our confirmation and adjusted to the on-the-spot situation.


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