2012 2013 Expedition & from Lhasa to Climb Qomolongma Mt.Everest Tour in Tibet China

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Till now total more than 5000 climbers reached the 8848 Summit of Mt. Everest! Attacking 8848 is the desire dream of climbers.

Tour Code: MT-EVT-001

Mt.Everest (Qomolongma, Zhumulangma, 8848M N27.9  E86.9), Tentative Climbing  Itinerary.
Day00, Arrive Chengdu. (today accommodation only, no other service)
Day01, Chengdu- Lhasa (01April for example).
Day02, Lhasa.
Day03, Lhasa.
Day04, Lhasa-Shigatse.
Day05, Shigatse-BBC(5154M)
Day06-Day08, BBC, preparation, training, exercise, acclimatization. 
Day09-Day11, BBC, exercise, set up camp 1 (5500M).
Day12-Day15, BBC, C1, C2(6200M), C3(ABC 6500M)
Day16-Day20, C2, C3, C4(7050m).
Day21-Day26, C4, C5(7790M).
Day27-Day35, C4, C5, C6(8300M).
Day36-Day40, C4, C5, C6, AC (attack camp 8680M).
Day41-Day45, C6, AC, Summit (8848M).
Day46, C6, C3, ABC.
Day47, ABC, BBC.
Day48, BBC.
Day49, BBC-Lhasa
Day50, Lhasa, and leave Lhasa.

Better time to attack 8848: late Mar-earlier Jun; middle Sep-earlier Oct. The best time to attack: 15May - 25May.
Basic guideline: Earlier in both departure and camping daily above ABC, China climber's experience as: daily departure at 02:00, and camping at 14:00 daily.

Full Package Cost (per climber in USD):
128000USD for one climber alone in your party.
78000USD/p.p. for team of two climbers in your party.
72000USD/p.p. for team of three clmbers in your party.
68000USD/p.p..for team of four climbers in your party.
65000USD/p.p. for team of five climbers in your party.

Included: Mountaineering registration & entrance fee, Visa arrangement, permit to Tibet, liaison, translator, round way transportation for all passengers (climber, assistant) and equipment between BBC and Lhasa (or Zhangmu) with both accommodation and meals, environment protection fee, 3yaks per climber from BBC to ABC, 2yaks per climber from ABC to BBC, 1yak per assistant, group climbing equipment and camping tents, climbing guide and leadership, all camping food, communication radio, experienced  Tibetan support for group, oxygen with mask, economic cabin air ticket of Chengdu-Lhasa-Chengdu
Excluded: personal climbing equipment, medical examination, sleeping bag, cost if urgent, emergency evacuation, insurance, service in Chengdu, any other service not included above.

Cost extra: Satellite phone rental, 600USD each.

All above subject to our confirmation and adjusted to the on-the-spot situation.
Guarannteed climbing to the 8848 if you had good enough body and advanced experiences!!


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