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Aircraft rental for a pilot flying 
Just mail us: 1, your selection on aircraft and number of your aircrafts rental, cruise (route) between cities and date with land and departure,  number of member in your party; 2, background information of yourself such as name, sex, resident address, birth of date & place, occupation, nationality, passport number with it's copy; 3, the copy of your license with the organization name issued, valid date; 4, the copy of your body insurance document, the copy of normal medical inspection document (must be good for flight); 5, the date and route of your arrival in China; 

6, We will make rough arrangement according to your above information and your orther request, if okey, then we will inform you the total cost and ask you to make deposit of 500USD by bank wire to the account of our Corp.
7, Once we have received your deposit, then we will make normal arrangement for you such as apply for the permit of flight to your route, and the ground & a'port service with air craft rental rough contract as well. If failed, then 300USD of deposit will be refunded to you, and 200USD of the deposit no refund.
8, If okey above, we will inform you to make 2nd payment as 60% of total cost to our account by bank wire before your arrival in China. If you cancel the flight, then 30% of the total cost will be paid as loss to our Corp. 
9, Balance the full payment while your arrival the city for your flight to depart, and then some real procedure for your sinature.
10, Flying.

Flight & Training for entertainment
We can make arrangement for your flying training and flight in Chengdu Sichuan, Xi'an, Guangdong, Beijing, Chongqing, and many other cities for entertainment such as aerobatics, airshows, ballooning, hang gliding, mountain flying, ultraflights, powered parachutes etc. 

Just mail us for detailed information if you interesting any service above.


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